Am I Still Alive?

     Well, I was right.  I have definitely found one way that life is NOT fun.  Instead of having one tooth pulled, I had two pulled… one on each side of my jaw.  I think it would have been more fun if I had used my eyeballs in a rousing game of marbles.

     If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read this post:  Life Won’t Be The Same.  At the moment, the pain is winning, but I’ll be back as often as I can.  If you don’t see me for awhile, please say a prayer.  Thank you.

     Now, I’m headed back  to bed.  Thank you for visiting.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


16 thoughts on “Am I Still Alive?

  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! I can totally sympathize. My very first post was about novacaine and the relief it produced! That was over a year ago and I just got the permanent crown a few months ago! We spread the treatment out to maximize the insurance coverage (and the fact that is was crazy expensive!). For that entire time I didn't chew on the left side of my mouth! I am still trying to get used to the fact that I can now chew on that tooth!

  2. Aw so sorry your in pain too….after I finish browsing your site it is back to bed for me too.Hopefully soon we can get to know each other when we are feeling better.Nice to meet you and thanks for joining my site. I hope you signed up for my giveawayMaggie

  3. Nothing worse than being in my pain, especially the head (teeth and eyes)! Ouch.I hope you are getting lots, and lots of TLC from your hubby. I hope you are relaxing, resting, and healing. Sending a prayer your body bounces back FASTER than normal this time.Hang in there!!

  4. I am so thankful for all your kind words and prayers. Please forgive me for being somewhat AWOL. I very much want to visit with each of you and I will when I am feeling better.Also, please take care of yourselves. I've already tested the theory; Pain is NOT fun.Thank you, again, for visiting and helping to make my misery more bearable.Hugs, ~ Yaya

  5. Aww, Yaya, that sounds so painful. I had two wisdom teeth pulled out (not so gently, even though I was assured repeatedly that I won't feel a thing) a few years ago, so I feel for ya! Hope you recover soon!On the plus side, you still found something very *funny* and writerly to say: "I think it would have been more fun if I had used my eyeballs in a rousing game of marbles." 😉

  6. Yikes. I hope you're feeling better soon! My dentist told me several years ago that I might want to have my wisdom teeth pulled — that they'd give me trouble when I hit forty. I said, "I'll wait 'til I'm 40 then!"

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