How Hot Is It?

Evidently, the weather can be quite cranky. Yesterday, my hubby and I were visiting another town and had many errands and much work to do. We just kept plugging along with our tasks, aware that it was uncomfortably hot, but plowing through as best we could. It wasn’t until 5:00 in the evening that we were driving from one area to another and saw one of those dreaded signs that likes to taunt you with how much you are suffering. You know the kind of sign I’m talking about; those that say congratulations on the fish that ‘Got Away’, happy birthday to the 50 year old and don’t forget that its April 15th and your taxes are due. Well, after managing to avoid any discussion that might tell us it was too hot for human habitation, that sign was like meeting up with a brick wall. There, for all the world to see was that awful message: 100 degrees fahrenheit!
Instantly, my body was ready to fade away. There is nothing quite like realization to put the crimps on an otherwise perfectly good day. I noticed that my hubby even seemed to shrivel a little bit, as well.
I don’t know how the pioneers survived such heat, but I strongly suspect that ‘Blissful Ignorance’ played a big part in their ability to make it from morning until night without needing to be rejuvenated. Then again, maybe they were just from stronger stock.