A Gift and a Giveaway

Now, look at this

     I’m here!  I’m here!  An’ look what I have.  Here; lemme’ set it down so’s you can see inside the box.  There!  Whaddya’ think of THAT?!?  Wouldn’t you like one of those?  Well, guess what?  I have one to give away an’ you could be the lucky winner.  First, though, I think I’d like to show it off a little on accounta’ I’m really proud of what I’ve been doing.

     I dunno’ if you realize it or not, but I have never tried using any of the software for making a scrapbook, before.  That is, I’ve checked out summa’ the things that s’posedly lemme’ do pictures an’ all, but I’ve never had much luck with any of ’em.  It’s been like trying to learn a foreign language, whenever I go into those programs, ya’ know?  My brain just wouldn’t wrap around what needed to be done to make my pictures at least ‘Keepable,’ ya’ know?  To say the least, it has been very frustrating, beyond belief.  An’ jus’ for the record, tears have no effect on making software programs listen to reason.  Jus’ thought you might like to know…

     Recently, I was invited to try a whole new kinda’ scrapbook software to see if I would like it.  An’ ya’ know what?  I DO like it!  I’m still playing with this amazing software, but I wanna’ give the software away, too.

     In fact, I wanna’ show you how much fun I’ve been having with it.  Lookie here:  First, take a look at me flying around in my Little Red Wagon.  Don’t I look like I’m having so much fun?  I am!
      I’m not exactly sure how to use this new Blogger page.  The nice thing is that even though Blogger is confusing to me, the My Memories digital scrapbooking software program was pretty easy to use, even for me.  My pages turned out pretty nice, don’tcha’ think?  Up on the left, that’s me, flying in my Little Red Wagon. Next is one ‘uh the bats we hadda’ evict.  There in the center is my Foyer, my Dining Room an’ my Living Room an’ over to the right is another shot of my Living Room an’ still another shot of my Foyer.  Can you b’lieve it?!?  We have a FOYER!  I never in my whoooole life thought I would have a foyer. 

I was able to write notes on or next to the pictures an’ I re-sized an’ moved the pictures all around the place before finally deciding to accept the arrangements I did.  I really love this program.

     This is my house an’ it’s hiding secrets.  See the guy with the big, scary teeth?  That’s the kinda’ secrets my house is hiding.  I can tell you, I do not like secrets with teeth.

     Now, here’s how you can own your very own My Memory Suite software:  The first thing you wanna’ do is go to the MyMemories.com website an’ check out all the awesome scrapbooking papers an’ outstanding designers there.  Next, come back here an’, in an email to me (yayashome [at] gmail [dot] come), lemme’ know which is your favorite designer.  Just one more step an’ you’ll be entered to win your very own My Memories Suite 2 software program.  In the comments to this post, lemme’ know that you emailed me so’s I can be sure to enter your name in the drawing.

Here are some more pictures of my house.  I did this all by myself.

     Be sure to comment in this post that you sent an email to me.  That way, if for some reason I did not get your email, I can let you know.  I will be watching for your email an’ hoping like EVERYTHING that you are the winner.  Oh, yeah; I almost forgot to tell you when the drawing will  be held.  Guess when? HALLOWEEN ! ! !  How cool is that?

     Okay; just to be sure I said it right, here’s the rules:
1)   Go to MyMemories.com an’ check out the cool papers an’ the amazing designers
2)   Send me an email at yayashome [at] gmail [dot] com to lemme’ know who your favorite designer is
3)   Come back here an’ in the comment section of this post, tell me that you emailed me.  Do not post your favorites in the comments; only tell me that you emailed me an’ if you’d like to say anything else.
4)  Tell your friends, tell your family… tell EVERYBODY ’cause guess what?  I also have a coupon for anyone who reads my blog.  Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  Here’s exactly what you can have:
We want to reward you – This is the best part!

Asa special for all of my readers,you can have your very own Share the Memories code that provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbooksoftware and a $10 coupon for the MyMemories.com store – $20 value!)  Use this coupon:  STMMMS25902 code an’ that’s all there is to it.  Be sure to check back often an’ see how things are going.  But always comment in this post for the MyMemories.com drawing.  Okie-dokie?

     Wait!  Wait!  One more thing!  If you’d like to earn some extra entries for the drawing here’s how you can:
1)  Become a Follower on the My Memories Blog
2)  Like My Memories Suite on Facebook
3)  Follow My Memories Suite on Twitter
4)  Check out my Halloween page an’ +1 me on that page at the top of the page

     In your email,tell me who your favorite designer is an’ what else you did from this lastlist.   Whilst you’re there, if you are anxious to get started with yourown My Memories Suite fun, grab this coupon for your Big discounts an’ startshopping:  STMMMS25902
     Untilthe next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya