Should I Have Signed Up for CommentHour?

Image     I jus’ signed up for Pepper Ferguson’s CommentHour an’, now I’m getting cold feet.  I no more than signed up an’ felt that sudden an’ familiar sense of a ‘Shy Attack’ coming on.  I have often had these attacks when I go to a real, live party.  I didn’t realize that I could actually feel this nervous ’bout an online party, too.

Well, I’m still going to that party.  I hope you will join us.

Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


10 thoughts on “Should I Have Signed Up for CommentHour?

    • Thank you so much, Pepper for the encouraging words. I feel as if I am in over my head with all the different technological things I’m trying to learn. I am glad to know that there are people who won’t let me get too lost.
      Yaya trembles an’ looks around for scary predators.

  1. Aw thanks, Susan. I appreciate that. I’ll watch for your welcome. I never like being the new person in any group. I’m on my way to sign up for Tweetchat, too. Thank you for telling me ‘bout it.
    ::Yaya thinks she can see the light of the open door::

  2. I’m so glad you decided to go to Comment Hour! It really has done wonders for my blog, and it has introduced me to some very good blogs. And don’t worry about the company….everyone is so great and welcoming during Comment Hour. I’m so glad its back!

    • It was really fun. I got kinda’ lost, but that’s nuthin’ new, for me. ‘Sides, everyone was incredibly helpful. I hope Comment Hour is gonna’ be a reg’lar thing.

    • Hema! I’m so happy to see you! You didn’t know I got shy attacks, did you? S’prise! I’m so glad you stopped by, Hema. I’ll be over to visit, soon. 🙂

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