One More For The Road!

     Don’t you just love it when Fun comes in multiples?  See, I only THOUGHT I was having fun before.  Now, where did I put the rules for the game of Eyeball Marbles?  Yeah, I’m really startin’ ta’ think I shoulda’ gone with THAT barrel of fun, instead of the one I’m using.

     You see these two teeth I had pulled the other day?  You see how much fun I’ve been having with them?  Well, that ain’t the half of it!  Today, I went back to the dentist on accounta’ just because the teeth are gone doesn’t necessarily mean that the pain goes away… ‘specially in my case.

     I seem to be one of those rare individuals (about as rare as hen’s teeth, evidently) who can still feel pain, even though my quotient of numbing solution would rival the winner’s intake at a chug-a-lug contest.

     To the Very. Last. Minute. in my dentist’s chair, I continued to feel intense pain.  Yaaaaay!  Now, don’t misunderstand; it is not… I repeat, NOT… the dentist’s fault.  I have a history of needing buckets of medication whenever I have anything done.  Today was no different.  I was the problem.

     I might add that I have never, EVER known a dentist who was soooo caring and so gentle.  I am very fortunate, indeed.  Still, my teeth are fighting it, tooth and nail, as it were.  Heh, heh.  Tooth and nail.  That was an accident, but it turned out to be a fun accident.  Heh, heh

     So now, I am experiencing more fun than I think any one person should have, in the way of pain.  Please forgive me for all my whining, but I cannot think of much else, besides pain and how to escape it.  Hopefully, I will soon return to writing about more normal subjects, like Creepy Little Crawlers, for instance.  Thanks for visiting and listening.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


13 thoughts on “One More For The Road!

  1. Oh, everyone has been so kind. I wish I could answer each message. Truly, having online friends who care is a treasure I could never have imagined the worth of. Thank you so much. ~ Yaya

  2. You are like me that way. I'm a white knuckler to the very last second. I hate the freakin' dentist! You'd think by now they'd have painless dentistry for everyone.Hope you feel better every day!

  3. Dentestry just hasn't caught up with the rest of the medical world. Actually there are so many nerve endings in the mouth that it is hard to have any work done & not have pain problems!!Have a Great Day in spite of it all!!Love,Marilynxxoo

  4. Hi PJ,Don't you just hate it when our bodies don't respond well to the medical help we're given? It seems that no matter what medical procedure I am facing, the doc always comes back to say no one else has ever had such a hard time. grrrrrThank you for kind thoughts coming my way. They help soooo much more than you know. Or, maybe you do know. ~ Yaya

  5. Thank you, Marilyn. Yes, I believe you are right; now I know where all those nerves were that my kids used to get on. Bless their little hearts. I think I must have lots of extra nerves, just so there are enough, in case kiddos want to annoy me. LOLI always appreciate your concern. Thank you. ~ Yaya

  6. I'm workin' on it, Alicia. I usually live in the moment, but lately I've been looking forward to Next Week or Next Month; whenever this pain will be gone.On the other hand, my good hubby-buddy seems to be okay with my lazy ways, these last few days. I guess there's something good to be found in every situation. hmmmmm ~ Yaya

  7. Betty, that's one of the brightest spots in this whole business. If I didn't know that Heavenly Father had a hand in all things, I would not believe my good fortune in finding the dentist I did.I'm considering telling everyone in the country to come here when they need to see a dentist. LOL ~ Yaya

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