Yaya Can’t Blog ! ! !

     Yaya comes sneaking in, dragging her new computer behind her.  She wonders if anyone will notice her return, embarrassed that it has been so long since she last posted on her blog.  She turns to make sure that her new computer is still following.  There have been waaaaaaay too many pro’lems with computers, of late, so she isn’t taking any chances that this one might get away.  Yaya checks the chain and lock that hold the ‘puter onto the Little Red Wagon; still secure.  After placing the long-awaited ‘puter on her desk, Yaya settles in to begin blogging.

     ::Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap-tappity, tap::


     ::Tappity-tap.  Tap. Tap::


     Yaya looks long an’ hard at her new toy an’ wonders if this new computer was ever taught anything ’bout blogging.  It seems apparent that either there was no training in the ‘puter factory or, she has been away from Bloggy World for far too long an’ may have forgotten all that she thought she knew ’bout posting on her blog.

     In a last-ditch effort, Yaya puts her arm up in the air an’ waves an excited an’ friendly greeting, on the off-chance that summa’ her blogging friends might notice she has returned.  Yaya hopes they all know how much she has missed being here.

She sends a silent wish for everyone to Keep a hug on.

~ Yaya

PS ~ I haven’t been able to figure out how to post pictures, yet.  Sorry.