I’m A Human And That’s Okay With Me

I learned, today, that somewhere in the great state of South Dakota, the weather was once as fickle as a feather in a hurricane. In 1936, there was actually a difference of 158 degrees that separated the hottest from the coldest in the state. And this, by only a few miles distance. Its true; from 58 degrees below zero to 120 degrees above zero was the record opposites for that year.

How do people continue to survive with such challenges? For that matter, has anyone asked your neighbor “Llama” what his opinion of the highs and lows is? When the weather starts leveling out at around 50 degrees, I’m already searching for my friend, the air conditioner. Or, at the very least, a fan. I begin gasping for air long before the first rays of sunlight brighten the morning horizon. How does life continue to thrive when even the planet seems to have emotional ups and downs?

When I think of all the “Coated” creatures running around without central heating or air conditioning, it almost makes me want to run right out and invite some of my four-footed friends into the cozy comfort of indoor living. I don’t know about you, but at the moment, I am very happy to be a member of the human race, as opposed to some of those animals who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy such pleasures as air-conditioning and heating. It would seem that even Mother Nature has her “Mood Swings,” but from where I’m sitting, its good to be making choices from my position as a person, instead of say, a Llama.