Is the world really getting smaller?

     Do you blog?  Do you Tweet?  Facebook?  Digg, etc?  I’m realizing that life has become one round of learning an’ keeping in touch.  There’s a saying that ‘The world is getting smaller.’  When I was a kid, I thought that meant that parts of the earth were disappearing an’ maybe traveling to new an’ exciting planets.  When I studied ’bout the ‘Dust Bowl’ years I was even more convinced that the world was getting smaller… literally.  After all, if that much dust was being relocated didn’t that mean that it hadda’ have someplace else to go?  Surely, the state of South Dakota was not simply relocating to say, Kansas, right?

     Kids comprehend things differently, but I think I was especially vulnerable to getting comments like that confused.  Since I traveled around so much, I seldom finished any school year within the same state.  That much moving carries with it a whole set of circumstances that make learning very difficult.  Today, we meet many more people than in the past an’ we are able to stay in touch more easily.  Or, so I’m told, anyway.  At the same time, our lives have become more transparent because of the internet an’ social networks.

     You may have noticed that I’ve been peeking my nose around corners in summa’ the different places like Facebook an’ Twitter.  This is where you will get a glimpse of my ‘Shy Attacks.’  I like to think I am a very outgoing person, but in truth, I tend to be quite shy in crowds of more than, oh, say… three people.  If you happen to see me peeking around a corner at some big function like Facebook or one ‘uh those famous party places like Twitter, then please don’t hesitate to come an’ take my hand.  I promise you I will be forever grateful for any ways you can show me around.  An’ in case you haven’t guessed by now, I may be in the room on summa’ those sites, but believe me… I have no clue what I’m doing there.

     So if you see a little red-haired girl in a Little Red Wagon who looks especially confused, please stop an’ lemme’ know if I’m among friends.  Although the world is supposedly getting smaller, it’s still a very big marble an’ I have a habit of getting lost in small buildings.  You can imagine how lost I am in this great big world.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya          Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a free copy of  The rules are in the previous post.

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3 thoughts on “Is the world really getting smaller?

  1. Hello Yaya!I do Twitter and actually really enjoy it as depending on the people I follow it opens up a world beyond my limited connections here in the NW. I do not post regularly but LOVE that I am limited to the amount of characters (no "wordiness" allowed in a tweet! I think you can find me as "themirliton" (maybe it's 2 words?) Hope you are enjoying this crisp beautiful season.

  2. hi miss yaya! sorry you been feeling some lost on those sites. for me im not on facebook or twitter and im just only on blogs. im way busy with school and other stuff so being just only a blogger is enough for me….hugs from lenny

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