4 thoughts on “a

  1. Hahahahahaha. I've been away an' forgot to check back to see how things are going. When I saw there were comments to this post I was thrilled. Then, I looked a little closer an' realized that my post had gone away… somewhere.Now, aside from the fact that my post went away an' I'm not exactly sure how, I started to wonder what three people were commenting on, since the post is a single letter 'a' an' nuthin' else.As I recall, my last post said something' 'bout when I would be back. Curiously, it went away an' left only the first letter of the alphabet. Hmmmmmm. I hafta' wonder, like Lenny, what that one letter really means.Thank you ALL for commenting. In this, you have really shown me that you care an' you are willing to comment, even if I don't hold up my part of the conversation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ooh! I feel so loved. Thank you.I'll get back to posting. Sorry for being gone so long.Hugs, ~ Yaya

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