An EARTHQUAKE in the midwest?!?

“Ground’s nervous.  Got milk?’

If I were living in California, I could un’erstan’ yesterday’s news.  I even ‘Get It’ that in the area of the New Madrid fault, tremors were felt in the recent past.  The land shakes in places such as Japan an’ it’s not a real shocker.  That’s not to say I am lacking in compassion.  I’m only stating that some areas tend to get what I sometimes call “Nervous Jitters” on a somewhat regular basis.  Naturally, when reports of nervous jitters come from those a’ready jittery states an’ countries, it does take a bit of the edge off the ‘surprise factor,’ .

     I live in the Dakotas; an area where we’ve learned  to trust the stability of things an’ kinda’ expect ’em to sit still an’ remain calm.  Nothing nervous around here… usually.  Yesterday, that changed in the blink of an eye.  No injuries or damage of any kind, but all at once, there was a loud ‘BOOM!’  Evidently, the ground became frightened because it began to tremble an’ shake.  Not for long, to be sure.  Still, it makes a person a little uneasy to know that solid ground is showing signs of fear.  It also makes me wonder what I’m s’posed to do with alla’ this quivering that has begun in my tummy an’ seems to be extending throughout my whole being.  Any suggestions for making the land feel calm?  I wonder if a nice glass of milk poured over the ‘epicenter’ would ease the tension?

“Hmmmm; this doesn’t seem to belong here …”

    Until the next calm, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya


11 thoughts on “An EARTHQUAKE in the midwest?!?

  1. Hi Kelly,Long time, no see. 'Course, that's actually my fault, what with me not bein' 'round these parts very much. Yeah, I was practically in the epicenter of the quake… I was only three or four hun'erd miles away. I coulda' got hurt or somethin', ya' know? Besides, it was a whoppin' 3.4 on the richter scale. I do not like it when the ground starts gettin' nervous.It's great to see you, Kelly. ~ Yaya

  2. Actually, I was nowhere near the earthquake an' it was not a serious one. However, I do have many friends in the area, as I used to live there. It hit the capitol city an' only lasted two or three seconds. Still, I'm very glad I was not there. There really was no danger to anyone… especially me. Thanks for your concern. ~ Yaya

  3. I lived in California often enough an' long enough that I'm ready to retire from all knowledge of earthquakes. It was a real shock when I heard that my friends had experienced even a small quake. I no longer live there, but I was concerned until I learned that things were not serious.My little boy (jus' celebrated his 34th birthday) was in Japan during the big quake an' tsunami, a few months ago. When I found out, I was very thankful to have him back home, safe an' sound.If I had my way, no one would ever hafta' experience another quake… EVER! ~ Yaya

  4. I love how conversational you are in your post. Ha! Yes, yes…I think a glass of milk should do it! I would try it! Don't mountains and hard rock just love milk?

  5. That would be my guess, Kelley. I mean, I like milk, so rocks, trees an' mountains must surely love it, as well. Anyway, even if they don't, we can always tell 'em it's for their own good, right? haha ~ Yaya

  6. Hey Yaya! I'm glad to hear y'all are ok. I guess I need to start watching the news again! Another blogger who lives in Virginia said she was sitting in the Dentist's chair getting her teeth worked on when they had an earthquake as well! How far did it reach? Do you know? I haven't heard from you in a while so I thought I'd better check in. God Bless,PJ

  7. It is unnerving when the ground moves. We had a couple minor earthquakes while we lived in Saint Louis….I heard and felt the house rumble and first thought it was a tornado. By the time I got my bearings together it was over. The next day when we had another one…I didn't panic.I did make an emergency bag though.

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