Doin’ the Two-Step ‘Un-Dance’

     If you are in the same category with me you may recall the days when you thought of a project an’ set out to accomplish it… successfully.  Lately, I’ve noticed that it only takes two steps to save time.  Here’s how it goes:

     Preparation:  grow old.
     Step One:  Think of a project.  P’rhaps you jus’ wanna’ mail a letter.
     Step Two:  Take two steps an’ your project is effectively forgotten.  The time you save is now available so you can think of a new project.

     If I were younger I might remember to finish my various tasks.  I have heard it said that, after a while, a person goes into a second childhood.  That is not quite correct.  Actually, a person starts doin’ the ‘Two-Step Un-Dance’ before the second childhood phase kicks in.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


4 thoughts on “Doin’ the Two-Step ‘Un-Dance’

  1. I was planning on doing some research today, but instead the weeds in my flower beds were screaming my name. Thankfully, they are now all gone…Hopefully, tomorrow I can get back to researching.

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