A Tidbit of Curious Enlightenment

     Well, that went well, din’t it?  I believe I mentioned that I was gonna’ try an’ post on Sunday, Wednesday an’ Friday, as my newly hoped-for schedule.  If I remember correctly, I said that last Thursday.  Unless you are seeing’ somethin’ here that I’m not, I promptly missed posting on Friday an’ again, on Sunday.  So here I am on Tuesday… off-schedule… an’ begging your forgiveness for breaking my own new rule.  Having messed up that schedule so thoroughly, I think it is time for another readjustment.  I do hope you will unnerstan’ that I am gonna’ hafta’ plan for posting on my blog on Fridays an’ Mondays.  Hopefully, I’ll keep this schedule a little better than the last one.  Please stand by for a tidbit of curious enlightenment, following this very sincere apology.  Thank you all for visiting an’ keeping me in your prayers.  I so appreciate each an’ every one of you.
Armored and Ready for Battle?

     Despite his armor, the nine-banded armadillo has jousted with highway traffic… and lost… so many times that he’s earned the name Hillbilly Speed Bump.
     I hope you enjoyed this tidbit of curious enlightenment.  I surely like learning such interesting facts.
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

8 thoughts on “A Tidbit of Curious Enlightenment

  1. LOL. I make schedules too. Then something comes up. Oh well. Poor little armadillo. My picture book about the armadillo will be out soon, based on one little critter that loved to dig up our yard.Have a lovely week.

  2. It's so good to have you back, Yaya!I'm learning myself that schedules are too hard to keep especially when it comes to blogging. I guess it's best to post when you can and enjoy the time off when you can't :).Poor Armadillo – looks so lost, belly up in the middle of the road.

  3. Yaya, did the bunnies I sent make it there yet? Don't worry about 'em; they're generally much luckier than armadillos… also, probably, better at helping you feel better, although I can't say I really have had too much experience with armadillos. They may be very nurturing in their own ways.Somewhere I think I have a basket, made from an armadillo shell(?), that belonged to my grandmother. It's really gross.

  4. You wrote a picture book about an armadillo, Bev?!? I can hardly wait to read it. That is sooooo cool. Scheduling is not what I would call my best talent; that's for sure. hahaThat was my reaction exactly, Niki. It almost makes me wanna' hug the little guy. Almost. LOLThanks, Zeebs. I feel so welcome. I think the pseudo-armored turtles have kinda' the same pro'lem with tryin' to cross the street; don't you? Poor things.I agree, Hema; posting is a lotta' fun, but I dunno' how some people manage to keep such a steady schedule. I thought this picture was the perfect one for the subject. Poor little guy.Kate! Yes, the bunnies helped so much. Thanks. I think a few of 'em are lingering, yet. They're so much fun to have around, though. A basket made from an armadillo shell that belonged to your gramma'? Now, there's somethin' that conjurs up some conflicting emotions. EW! Cool. EW! ~ Yaya

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