Streetwalker? Be Careful What You Say!

     I have made some incredible friends in Bloggy Land an’ on the internet, in general.  So many of you have found your own place in my heart.  We have, as a world-wide neighborhood, built an alliance that rivals any I’ve ever heard about. An’ to think, I could never have met most of you, without the invention of blogs.  Thank you all for opening your worlds an’ your hearts to me.

::Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!!!  Thank you, dear Blog Inventer::

     Like you, I have been privy to closely-guarded thoughts an’ feelings.  With friendship comes an ever increasing sense of trust.  It is amazing to me that  this community can be so open an’ loving.  We are indeed blessed to have the camaraderie that we share.

     Then, there is the dark-side of our world.  Some people hide their private lives in the anonymity of lovely words.  Until one day, those words are spoken that make both parties uncomfortable.  P’rhaps it has to do with political views.  Maybe religion steps up to drive a wedge of misunderstanding.  Or one person’s past might be considered less-than-acceptable to the other an’ when the truth comes out, there is suddenly a sense of uneasiness or embarrassment. Without understanding between the two, this sense of uncertainty could eventually separate people who had previously developed such affection an’ devotion for each other.

     I always hope that I will never find myself in any of the aforementioned situations. If I do, however, I like to think that I have an open mind; that no one’s history can plant the seed of judgement in my heart.  Again, I like to think that my reaction would be one of love an’ acceptance for someone else’s political views, religious persuasions or professional preference.  Prejudice is indeed a tough challenge for us all.  Are you beginning to get a feel for where this conversation is going?

     Naturally, we all hafta’ face the demons of decision, eventually.  I faced one of my demons jus’ two days ago, when a dear friend announced in casual conversation that she had chosen a profession that din’t necessarily meet with my endorsement.

     She said, “I was a street walker for over ten years, the little blue shorts and all that.  My favorite job ever!!!”

     Talk about a Sucker-Punch!  How do you respond to that?  How would you?  Would this friendship suddenly become unacceptable?  Could you write back an’ show real concern, while maintaining the close relationship that you have built-up, over time?  Or, would the knowledge of your friend’s past profession be the wedge to guide your thoughts?  Would you read, delete an’ walk away?  As you can see, I had many choices; many uncomfortable choices.  P’rhaps you would have felt differently, but I found myself swamped in thoughts of pure consternation; ‘How do I react?  What is my responsibility in this conversation?  What if I choose to keep quiet?  Would my lack of response cause hurt feelings?  It was not an easy night for me.

     Highlighted below is a small part of our conversation, after the initial shocking declaration:
          [My words are highlighted in pink.  Hers are in yellow].

     Remember, she jus’ finished saying, “I was a street walker for over ten years, the little blue shorts and all that.  My favorite job ever!!!”

     “Now, THAT sounds like a job you could really enjoy.  Not necessarily the healthiest job in the world or even, the safest.  But there is definitely a certain degree of fun involved.  Talk about loyalty to your job!  Whoa!  I only hope you don’t tell [your hubby] that That was your favorite job.  I can’t even imagine how that would destroy a man’s ego.  Oh, vay!

     Being a street walker in the past is one thing, but that would definitely lose its appeal, over time, if you ask me.  I mean, picture it: sixteen kids, dirty dishes, dirty clothes an’ sixteen guys waiting to ‘Please’ you?  Uuuuumm; thank you very much, but alla’ my pleasures are running around, askin’ for attention.  haha.  Nope!  Nope!  That would never work for me.  Nope!  I think I’ll keep what I’ve got; thank you very much.”

     “I am rolling!!!!  I was a city letter carrier with the blue uniform for the postal service!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do not think I would enjoy being an actual STREET WALKER!!!  It was my favorite job with the postal service.  To be outside and one on one with the customers.  Many days, my lunch break was spent sweeping the snow off someone’s porch or helping them weed their flowers, or just talking in the shade with a cold drink of water.”
      “I can’t believe that!!!   You really can roll with the punches, you picked up that ball and carried it for a touch down.  I am still laughing!!!!!!  You are very wrong, though, I do not think I would enjoy that job at all!!!!  What would you do on your day off, stand up for a while????  Nope, don’t think I could ever do that job!!!”

     My friend’s next words let me know that I had failed neither her, nor myself.  “You did very well with your response.  Non-judgmental, supportive, and took it in stride as if I had told you I worked at Wal Mart.  You are a true, loving person…you made God proud.”

     Being the sports addict that you all know I am, I soon sent a reply.  “I forgot to add that I don’t think it can be considered a proper touchdown if I try to sink that football into the basket when I get it to the goal post.  I am still rolling on the floor in laughter.”

     Which game did you say we are watching?  Football or basketball?

Note: I jus’ received this update from my friend an’ I’m passing it on to you:  “Street walker is my name for it, it wasn’t a widely used term.  Someone asked me what I did one time, and I said I was a city carrier.   They asked, like Typhoid Mary?  I laughed and told them I was a street walker, instead of doing the males, I did the mail.”

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.         

 ~ Yaya


28 thoughts on “Streetwalker? Be Careful What You Say!

  1. You get an A plus on this one:) You had me going there for awhile, and I was gearing up for an answer… until you threw out the punchline – which was not only surprising, but a delightful twist.

  2. Ya-Ya–Your reflections and your stories here are just why blogs are so wonderful. We get to meet the best people and have the best time. Just wanted you to know how much your recent comments have meant to me too!

  3. Sometimes people we have grown to love surprise us with tidbits from their past. I'm literally laughing out loud at your surprise, however, this morning, a dear friend who I respect and admire shared a much more sad and traumatic secret from his childhood. I wish I could laugh, but off and on all day, I've been crying and praying that this huge weight has been lifted from him forever.

  4. Thank you, Dazee. I was prayin' the whole time. Some questions jus' call for that outside help. An' this was definitely one of 'em.Ya' know, Havlin, I dread to think that I could have lost a dear friend with the wrong reaction. I woulda' deserved it, but how grateful I am that we are, instead, able to laugh an' appreciate the crossed communication.I've considered the possibility that my friend could have been insulted an' in my imagination, Cinette, I do not fare well. I'm very thankful for her kindness in realizing that I was jus' havin' a Senior Moment.I was really concerned that I was gonna' throw away what we had both come to appreciate, Debra. I also wondered how the story would end. I'm so thankful for the way it did.I'm glad you enjoyed it, Donetta.Thank you, Gail. So many families have been ripped apart an' alliances destroyed by unfounded prejudice. As I sat back an' watched this scene unfold, I was anxious to learn whether I would be part 'uh the pro'lem… or, part 'uh the solution. *Whew*Truthfully, Chandrika, one 'uh my favorite posts is the one with those cows. Thanks for checking 'em out an' for your kind words.Thanks, DL. It was a little difficult to pull both feet outta' my mouth, but I was sure relieved at her reaction. I value my friend's opinion an' would never wanna' do or say anything that would hurt her feelings.I must admit that I still laugh, whenever I think of it, Tisha. Thanks. I'm sure it will keep me distracted, for awhile, yet.Oh, Laurie. I'm so sorry for your friend. Whatever has caused so much distress must be a heavy weight for him. You can be sure that I will also be praying for comfort an' peace for your friend.I do wanna' thank you all for taking the time to stop by. Our Bloggy Land is a wunnerful place to connect an' be a family. ~ Yaya

  5. If I only said somethin' wrong once in awhile, Sharon, it would be a great improvement. I'm sure what you said was not as bad as you pro'lly imagined it to be. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. ~ Yaya

  6. Hi there. I'm so glad to meet you. Thanks for bein' a Follower. I believe most people care 'bout the feelings of others an' would've found a loving way to respond. It occurs to me that we live in such a wunnerful world because so many people care 'bout others. Thanks for stoppin' by. ~ Yaya

  7. Haha… that was agood twist, Yaya, and you handled it rather well! We wouldn't know ourselves how we would react/respond to something unless we're in the middle of it, right? And your friend has some sense of humor — loved her quip at the very end ;-). Thanks for reminding us to be open-minded!

  8. Thanks, Terry Lynn. I hope your book-signing went well. I also hope you are enjoying the older posts.You're very welcome, Donetta.I had a bit of a time pulling my foot/feet outta' my mouth, Hema, but it reminded me of a lesson I was taught years ago. The lesson was that I should think twice, before speaking once. Obviously, it was not a lesson I embraced very well.Thanks, Holly Ann. I'm so glad it turned into a smiling situation, rather than what it coulda' turned into. ~ Yaya

  9. I have to admit, ya had me goin' there for awhile. I'm gullible that way…just sayin'!I laughed 'till I cried and am soooo happy I had a mouthful of nothin' 'cause I'd be scrapin'it off my computer screen. Thanks for the great laugh sweetie!!!God bless and have a beautiful day my friend.

  10. Hi Yaya, Been a while! I'm way behind in blog reading and trying to catch up a little. I just read this post of yours and you really had me. I was thinking, Wow! How did she handle that? I don't know what I would have said. And then, as I read on, I started laughing so hard! Great story! And you handled the mistaken situation beautifully!

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