Dear Winter,

     It’s so nice to see you again. Please leave. I was thrilled when you arrived an’ I took special pleasure in the snow you brought so we could have a white Christmas. In fact, that was very considerate, on your part. In spite of the fact that my heart raced with joy when you arrived, I’m beginning to notice murmurings of discontent among the masses. I fear you may be reduced to tears, should your old, cold ears pick up the whisperings that might travel on the wind. No disrespect intended, of course, but it would not be a good idea to give in to such frozen showers, if my opinion counts for anything.
     In case you haven’t been keeping good tabs on just how busy you’ve been, may I remind you that evidence of your extended visit is virtually everywhere. Although I’m sure the farmers are thankful for the moisture so their crops will benefit, I rather think they would not like it if you should continue to shed tears and turn an already messy situation into an impossibly dangerous one by adding your icy personality. Keep in mind that ‘Safety First’ should always be your motto.
     I’ve noticed that you seem to have forgotten to be safe in some of your ventures. Recently, when you arranged for my good hubby-buddy and I to spend time in a ditch, we did not feel that you were practicing ‘Safety First.’
     Rumor has it that Spring is impatient for her vacation here. We have enjoyed getting to know you soooooo well, this year. Now, its time to move on an’ let Spring have her time with us. Yes, I realize that it may be a little early for such change, but I’m tired of being so cold. I’m looking forward to lilacs an’ tulips. Two-lips is my kinda’ season; not Blue-lips.
     I have your bags all packed an’, though you may be very comfortable where you are, please don’t let the door hit you in the rear, as you leave.
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

33 thoughts on “Dear Winter,

  1. I love it!!!! My sediments exactly sister!!! I fear old Mother Nature has other ideas since there is a blizzard just outside my window this mornin'!!!Guess we'll just have to call it, "another day closer to Spring." {{{SIGH}}}!!!God bless ya sweetie, huddle up and have a wonderful winter's day! :o)

  2. Thank you, Nezzy. At the moment, I'm freezing an' seriously eyeing those nice warm blankets on the bed.Mostly, winter is my favorite, but I think she's going a little overboard this year. Time to call a halt, if you ask me. ~ Yaya

  3. Very cute, well written post! We've also had our share of winter's visit here, too. We've barely had a break since Christmas and I just heard we should have 4 more inches by morning, that's on top of the 6" that's already sitting out there!It is beautiful and I really don't mind too much except if I have to leave the house.

  4. Yeah, that's the way I feel too, Nina. Winter is so amazing… watching from inside the house. But when I hafta' get out in it, winter takes on a whole new personality. Bleh! I SO don't enjoy it the way I did when I was a kid. Nope! Nope! Nope! Not the same, nope! ~ Yaya

  5. Tisha, that's a great idea. Why din't I think of that? Do it all peaceful, like. Put her in a choke-hold an' sweetly talk her into cutting her visit short. Yeah, I like that.I've never had a lotta' opportunity for doing BBQ's an' such, but I'll tell you, I am ready for it this year. I wonder if there's some way we could throw a BBQ party for alla' our bloggy friends? Hmmmmm; now, I have somethin' new to think about. Winter, Shoooo!!! ~ Yaya

  6. Oooooooh! Don't let's tell her that we've tried this before, okay? Maybe she won't recall. We could use those bouncers that Tisha mentioned an' throw some fear into her; ya' think? 'Course, we wouln't wanna' throw too much fear into winter, since she actually has the upper-hand. Oh; decisions, decisions!I know! We could all write to her an' see if our combined plea's would carry more persuasion! That might work. ~ Yaya

  7. I'm kinda' skeered 'bout that whole Global Warming thing, Kathy. I mean, if it goes on for much longer, we could all freeze to death… or worse. I can certainly see how Al Gore has so many concerns about it; can't you? Brrrrr. For the record, I figure he jus' must be kinda' cold-blooded or somethin'. Don't belly-crawlers have trouble knowing what the weather is doing? I'm jus' sayin'… ~ Yaya

  8. Hi Yaya .. some people certainly have had way too much winter, or water for that matter – I had just the right amount then it went – but that's the advantage of being by the sea and on the south coast of England!Did you really want to have a short break in a ditch – that seems a little extreme .. I guess Mr Ice and Mrs Snow melded together to give you an extra skate .. sorreee – glad all seems well.Here's to Spring I say .. Hilary

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and oh my! feel the same way as you regarding winter as I stare at the lovely gorgeous faces of my two sons for the THIRD time this month!!!! I HATE snow days! Even they're getting sick of being home from school.Please, let the groundhog not see his shadow – I don't think I can take much more!

  10. Say, Anne; I have an idea. Let's all go take OFF with the groundhog so's he won't ever have a chance to put in his two-cents' worth, again. That dirty little bird has caused enough trouble. LOL ~ Yaya

  11. Oh, its a'right, Sharon. Remember when we went in the ditch a few weeks ago? That was the accident I was referring to. Thank you for your concern. I truly appreciate it. ~ Yaya

  12. Hey, Ron. Been there, done that. Thanks, but I think I'll stick to my snow-filled ditches an' hopes for nice Springtime. 'Course, with alla' that, you an' Mrs. Geezer might be tempted to come on back to these parts, eh? ~ Yaya

  13. Oh, yes that is cold for Northern California, Jill. I actually think that 34 degrees where you are is considerably colder than the 10 degrees where I am because you are so much closer to the water. In my mind, that would make the air a lot colder. I am ready for Spring, this year. ~ Yaya

  14. Oh, Yaya, you had me laughing out loud with this one. Phrases like "Nice to see you" followed by "Please leave" and "for my hubby-buddy and I to spend time in a ditch" were just hilarious! Hopefully Winter hears your dictates and leaves peacefully :).

  15. hi miss yaya! yikes! i hope that old man gets going pretty soon and lets spring come to stay for a while. for sure you gotta get all bundled up in a blanket and just stay real warm til he decides to leave….hugs from lenny

  16. Ol' Man Winter is really out in full-force this year, isn't he, Lenny? If we don't watch out, he may even try to snow on the moon. He's after everybody else, so ya' never know. But it won't do him much good to try an' snow on the sun; that's for sure. ~ Yaya

  17. Boy! I hear you on that one, Sara. I am gettin' very tired of bein' cold. If this keeps up, I may hafta' switch my favorite season from winter to somethin' with a little more Warm in it. ~ Yaya

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