A Poetry-Perfect-Photo

     Have you ever done something an’ felt really good about it?  Then later, you see somethin’ that reminds you of that proud moment?  I did that.  A long, long time ago, I was traveling either to or from North Dakota with my good hubby-buddy in the middle of winter.  As we drove, we were struck with how beautiful the snow was over everything.  At one point, I recall seeing fields an’ fields of hay in huge round bales, each one covered with a sprinkling of snow.  Without one instant of hesitation, I hadda’ grab my notebook an’ start scribbling ’cause a poem had leaped into my head an’ demanded to be written whilst it was fresh in my thoughts.

     Yesterday, while visiting a new neighbor on the web whom I had previously never met, I was surprised to see a picture that perfectly matched what I wanted to portray in that poem.  Believe me, I was quick about emailing the owner of that blog an’ askin’ if I could use her photo.  Imagine my excitement when she wrote back (about two minutes ago) an’ said I could.  Below is that beautiful photo, followed by the poem I enjoyed writing, such a long time ago.  If you’d like to see some more amazing photos, be sure to go to Once Upon A Rose Haven’s blog.  You won’t wanna’ leave.  I a’ready know you’re gonna’ love the picture an’ I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Look out across the wheat fields,
And, Oh!  What a surprise!
The shredded wheat is blooming,
I see it with my own eyes!
Where’s the sugar?
Pass the milk,
It’s breakfast time, I’m sure,
When shredded wheat starts blooming,
That’s all I’m wishing for.
So, farmer, build a table,
Build a chair,
And build a bowl,
‘Cause shredded wheat is blooming,
And it makes my hunger grow!
Just Joany 2006


     Thank you so much, Once Upon A Rose Haven, for letting me use your beautiful picture.

     How about you?  Do you like to take pictures or write poetry?  What is your most memorable experience?

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

35 thoughts on “A Poetry-Perfect-Photo

  1. The photo is perfect YaYa. I'm so glad you came for a visit to my blog. I look forward to those questions. Don't be a stranger. Promise? Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  2. Oh what a lovely poem and photo! I think photos are my muse for lots of things… I do have to share this with you…My Mum said she knew that my now husband was different than any other boyfriend when I commented on how beautiful the winter wheat was….Have a great weekend, Yaya!

  3. Now that I've found you, Mary, I'll definitely be back. Those scrumptious recipes are too much to ignore.Don't you jus' love that photo? She did a really good job of taking it. I hope you will head on over to her blog an' check out summaa' her other amazing pictures. She truly has an eye for taking a picture. ~ Yaya

  4. Hey there, Cat. It's beginning to look like I'm gonna' hafta' go to the retreat to visit with you. I went to your blog again an' saw that you din't have any posts. I'm ready an' waitin' to read your first post. I hope that will be soon.Thanks for the compliment. I love the photo that Once Upon A Rose Haven let me use. It's awesome! Check out her blog; you'll see. ~ Yaya

  5. Hey, Bev. I voted for Caves, Cannons and Crinolines in the Predators and Editors Poll. I sure hope you win.Thanks for your thoughts on the photo an' poem. I could just melt in that photo. Well, maybe not melt, since it looks cold. But I do love it. ~ Yaya

  6. Oh, Wendy; it is I who thank you. Your photo made people think my poem was good. That's 'cause your photo was so outstanding. I really appreciate it that you let me post it on my blog. It was so kind of you. Thanks, again. ~ Yaya

  7. Thank you, Sharon. Pictures do a lot for me. My good hubby-buddy once bought a picture at auction because I told him I could see at least fifteen stories in the first glance.That's neat about what your mama said. Love lets us see things that we might not otherwise notice; such as, beauty in the winter wheat. ~ Yaya

  8. Good morning! Just met you on another blog and was intrigued by your blog name so stopped by. I'm happy that I did since I found your poem that contains my own sentiments regarding wheat and a great photo as well. Best,Bonnie

  9. Hi Bonnie. I'm glad you showed up, too. I jus' went to your blog an' now I hafta' clean my computer screen. You shouln'ta' made me drool all over it that way. Mmmmmm; you blog looks delicious, no matter where I turned. ~ Yaya

  10. hi miss yaya! for sure thats just a really neat picture. and your poem is just really nice. pictures and places get me lots of idea stuff in my head. one of my brothers does poems and from traveling lots of places in the world hes got lots of what he calls picture poems. i did some poems but mostly their pretty crummy. ha ha. …hugs from lenny

  11. Lenny! You're here! Thank you for your nice words. I often see things that make me think of stories or poems. I've read summa' your brother's poetry. I really enjoyed it. In fact, I often go back to read it again because I like it so much. My favorite, so far, is the one about the dawg. Your brother has a lot of talent.I have never seen your poetry, Lenny, so I don't know what your style is. I'll bet you do pretty well, though. I know I really enjoy your writing voice.Keep seeing those pictures, so's you can keep writing such wunnerful stories, k?Hugs from Yaya

  12. Hi Yaya, I love your poem and Wendy's picture. It reminds me of a cute story that is a family favorite of my just deceased Mother-in-law. We were travelling to Canada with my then young boys and my MIL when she made the comments that those hay bales in the farmer's field next to the highway didn't look that big. My hubby and boys bet her that they were bigger than she thought and there would be no way to move them without machinery. She just wouldn't believe them, so hubby pulled over right then and there and bet her $100 that she couldn't even nudge one of them an inch. So she got out of the car and trotted out into that field and pushed and pushed and then put her butt and hips up against it and pushed some more. Of course it never moved. We have great pictures that we all still giggle over. Thank you for this. She just passed away this March and we miss her and her antics.

  13. You know, Mary, I hadda' return to your place on accounta' all those scrumptious pictures keep calling me. Mmmmmm. That's funny; I'm gettin' hungry. See? Even the thought of your blog is enough to make me wanna' know what's on the menu. ~ Yaya

  14. That is such a cute story, Nina. Thank you for sharing it. I have a life-size image goin' on in my mind that has me giggling, too.I'm so sorry to hear that your mother-in-law recently passed away. She sounds like a very loving an' lovable person. I'm glad you have pictures. I hope you'll be sharing some of her antics on your blog. As long as you have memories, she's still here. ~ Yaya

  15. Hi, Susan. I was truly surprised when I found that picture. It thrills me that Wendy was willing to share it with all of us. Now, I'm trying to think of some way to make the picture an' poem 'World Famous.' Any ideas? ~ Yaya

  16. I did notice that you had visited Wendy, Hilary an' I'm so glad. She has some awesome pictures on her blog. An' she's such a nice person, too. I fell in love with the little teapot that hung in the circle. Sooooo adorable. ~ Yaya

  17. Thank you, Kelly. Sometimes, a poem will jump into my head without warning an' demand that I write it down. This one was like that. When I found Wendy's photo, it was almost more than I could hope for that she was willing to share it. Waaaaaay sooooooo perfect. ~ Yaya

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