Why the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

     You know, it happens every year about this time. I look around an’ see the same things goin’ on. Fields and fields of critters battling the elements, even whilst I enjoy the warmth inside my house or car. Some days, I see only one or two four-legged beasts, surrounded by nuthin’ but fields of white; snow, snow an’ more snow. Other times, I’m convinced there are thousands of animals, roaming miserably back an’ forth. Around here, most of the population is either cattle or horses. In other areas where I’ve lived it might be sheep, goats or even those funny little creatures called llamas. The struggle is still the same, wherever life goes on. Rain, snow, hail or sleet; it can’t be comfortable havin’ to be out in it, twenty-four hours a day.
     ‘Course, I could be judging this situation all wrong. Maybe alla’ those critters actually enjoy the various changes in Mother Nature’s moods. I certainly enjoy every seasonal change – – – watching from inside my house. But maybe horses an’ cows look forward to the seasons the way some people look forward to a different kind of dinner. I dunno’; I s’pose it’s possible. I always imagine how I would feel if I hadda’ stand out in the rain an’ snow. Lemme’ tell you; if I were a baby cow, I have a life-size image of how contented I would be, in the same situation.
     Picture it:  I am a brand-new baby cow, born only moments ago, inside a nice toasty barn, with my mama cow to cuddle up to an’ hay to keep me warm. Every meal is supplied at my behest; warm an’ given with love. My daddy cow is standin’ sentry at the door, so’s nuthin’ can hurt me. I am a happy, happy camper.
     Life is good in my new home. I am well cared for. Mama an’ daddy even incorporated help from a farmer to make sure that I am happy. All is going well, until the farmer gets an idea. He thinks that I should move outta’ the barn an’ into the pasture. WHAT?!? Does the good man know what’s out there? Does he realize that somethin’ funny is falling from the sky? Somethin’ wet an’ cold? Does he care? Yes, I know you ladies do your share, but let’s give the men a well-deserved pat on the back.
     Now, don’t get me wrong. I happen to have it on good authority that farmers are amongst the most caring folks who chat with animals. In fact, I’ve seen my own good hubby-buddy go to great extremes to make those babies comfortable. True; he’s not what you might call a traditional farmer, but I’m pretty sure he represents the general population of care-givers; whether that be in the human world or the animal kingdom. An’ I’ll tell you a little secret if you promise to keep it under your hat. There may have been a time or two when I’ve been compelled to throw a blanket on a cow an’ a pillow nearby to rest her pretty head. ‘Course, I realize that may not be ideal when you have more than a few to possibly thousands of head of livestock.
     Which brings us
 back to the subject of this discussion; why the proverbial cow jumped over the moon. As I said earlier, my own contentment ties in strongly with how comfortable I am. If I were a new baby cow, bein’ cast to the elements as it were, I’m sure my sense of contentment would be greatly improved by the occasional pat on the head or a blanket to warm myself. An’ I would definitely not be adverse to receiving a good, thick pillow for my head. Come to think of it, I’ve noticed that farmers an’ ranchers do a lot to make sure their charges are comfortable. That’s pro’lly why so many of those cows jumped over the moon; to get back home.
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

4 thoughts on “Why the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

  1. Yaya, I love your posts! They never fail to make me feel warmer and fuzzier inside… pro'lly how those cows felt, once they jumped over the moon and went back home.

  2. Hi Cat. I went to your blog an' saw that you had no Followers, so I am your first Follower. I hope your warm an' fuzzy feeling inside doesn't tickle. It's so great to see you. I like the look of your blog. ~ Yaya

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