Livin’ In The Ditch

     I hope you survived our most recent blizzard. ‘Course, if you’re reading this, chances are, you survived.  I think.  We decided to travel to the far east over the weekend.  That is, farther east than here.  We made a judgment call;  which was better; spending a frozen night in the car in a blizzard or staying the night in a nice, warm motel room?  We were rescued by a sheriff’s deputy who took us to a place called Freeman; not Jailman, not Prisonman, but Freeman.  We were free to go if we wanted to, after all.  We chose to stay.  I’m sure you have it figured out which way the verdict went concerning the judgment call, right?  Just for the record, we got caught in the worst white-out I’ve ever seen.  ‘Couln’t even see past the window.
      Although you prob’ly learned a long time ago that it’s best not to travel in inclement weather, we’re still studying that subject.  One of our sons came home to see us.  We hadda’ take him to the airport a few hunnerd miles away so’s he could get back home.  When we started out, things were reasonably acceptable outside.  We left early an’ got our son to the airport just in time to catch his plane.  Before leaving the airport, we checked to make sure his flight would actually be happenin’ an’ then, we headed home.  Trouble is, the further west we went, the worse things seemed to be.  Somewhere west of Turkey Ridge, we connected with somethin’ an’ wound up in a ditch  (Ouch!  Further updates pending).  Thankfully, my good hubby-buddy had packed all kinds of STUFF, in case of an emergency.  For the next three hours Sheriffs from two counties searched for us.  We were finally discovered by a deputy who din’t look old enough to be outta’ school, much less rescuing blizzard-stranded old people.
      Our child-hero soon whisked us away to safer surroundings, where we were forced to relax, recoup an’ watch Christmas movies on actual television until noon on the following day.  Since we don’t have TV connection at our house, we din’t really mind giving in to these demands.  A little before noon, things started happenin’ rather quickly — until we got in the car.  Then, we hadda’ drive very slowly, all the way home.  But we made it.  We’re here an’ sooooo happy to be home.  An’ jus’ for curiosity’s sake, I’d like to know what it is about bein’ stranded in a car, in a blizzard, that makes a person consider how useful certain facilities are?
     Before I go, I’d like to apologize to ya’ll.  I’ve been tryin’ to comment on some ‘uh your blogs, tryin’ to Follow others an’ tryin’ to respond to emails.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out what’s goin’ on with my computer.  I keep getting messages that keep me from doin’ any of those things, so I do hope you will be patient with me.
     Both my good hubby-buddy an’ I desperately need new computers, but we haven’t figured out how to make that happen.  If any of you know of a secret computer fairy who has a couple extras, we’d sure appreciate it if you’d send ’em our way.
     In the meantime, please be patient an’ know that I am tryin’ my best to stay in touch with everyone.  I am able to read some ‘uh your blogs an’ I enjoy ’em all so much.  My computer won’t lemme’ go to other blogs, though.  Bear with me an’ hopefully, I’ll be able to get a computer that likes me.  Who knows?  Maybe Santa will show me some computer love; I doubt it, but one can always hope, can’t we?
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
     ~ Yaya

16 thoughts on “Livin’ In The Ditch

  1. Hey sweetie, ya may need to set or reset your computer to accept third party cookies. In the beginnin'( sound like God here don't I??? Heeehehe…) of my blog life I had the same problem until I played around and found out what was holdin' me back. Who know cookies could be so darn stubborn??? I prefer chocolate chip myself! :o)I'm so happy ya'll make it home safe, sound and with all your toes! We had one of those dreaded Missouri ice storms last night and Hubs got stuck behind a nasty wreck for over an hour on the way home but the man always makes it home! :o)God bless ya and have a terrific day sweetie!

  2. Thank you, Nezzy. I really appreciate your help.So sorry to hear you were hit with such an awful ice storm. Stay warm an' stay home, if you're able. I'm happy to hear your hubs made it home safely. ~ Yaya

  3. It was quite the adventure, that's for sure. Everything happens for a reason, though, so I'm good with it. Thank you for your concern. Stay warm; you're in the thick of it ALL. ~ Yaya

  4. What a story! My oldest son flew back from Detroit last Tuesday to California. I couldn't believe his early morning flight arrived 20 minutes early, despite the blizzard that hit the mid-west. BTW, thanks for the link to grow my blog. Hope Santa brings you a new computer.

  5. Hi, GW. I'm so glad your son made it back safely — an' EARLY?!? That's amazing. My son flies for a living an' he spends a lot of time in airports. I don't think there are very many times that he is early, though.I'm so glad the link is somethin' you can use. I hope your hope comes true. Thanks. ~ Yaya

  6. hi miss yaya! wow that was pretty scary. im just real happy you got found and got to go to a warm place and watch tv. sorry youre having computer problems. i hope you could get it fixed cause i know you could like visiting people at their blogs. stay home and stay real warm….hugs from lenny

  7. Hey, Lenny. Thanks for the kind words. I always love it when I see that you have stopped by for a visit.We actually enjoyed ourselves, once we checked into the motel. We don't get to watch TV, so it waa kind of a treat for us.I'm sure something will work our for us with the ocmputers. I'm not sure how, but things always work out, in the end. ~ Yaya

  8. It was kinda' scary, Susan, but it was also strangely reassuring to realize that we were actually prepared. Once we called 911, we set out to bundle up an' we knew we had food. I was awfully glad to get to that motel, though. ~ Yaya

  9. All snug now, Sharon. I've been most willing to stay right here in my warm an' comfortable house. 'Course, I spent a lotta' time bein' sick, but at least I was home where I could rest. ~ Yaya

  10. Thanks, Joanie. It just goes to show how important it is to enjoy the moment we're in. Ya' never know when it might be the last. I was so glad when we finally learned that we were not in the middle of the road. That was my biggest fear 'cause we really couln't tell. ~ Yaya

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