Inventory In December

     Have ya’ noticed? It’s coming fast; December is upon us. You know what happens in December, right? Yeah; me, too — all kindsa’ fun stuff. Except for the other eleven, the month of December is one ‘uh my favorite months of the year. Well, depending on the time of year, that is.
     How’s come December is one ‘uh my favorites? Well, jus’ sit yourself down an I’ll tell you summa’ the things that make me look forward to this time of year. Alrighty; let’s take inventory ’bout the tail-end of the year. First, of course, is the wonder of nature. Snow. I love snow. Shhhh; don’t tell anyone what I jus’ said on accounta’ I’ve heard that snow isn’t necessarily the favorite thing around these parts. Remember; keep it on the QT.
      Naturally, there’s a reason I like the white stuff. Wanna’ know why? KIDS! As far back as I can remember, wherever there was snow, there was sure to be kids. ‘Course, there don’t seem to be quite as many kids as when I WAS one, but some of ’em still come drifting outta’ the woodwork when the flakes start falling.
     Next on my list of Can’t Live Without It is that awesome feeling I get whenever I hear the sounds of Frosty, the Snowman or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It’s hard not to love a season that causes people to create whimsical characters; don’t you agree?
     Have you ever noticed how friendly an’ happy people are during the last month of the year? Oh, don’t get me wrong; I think most people are friendly an’ happy most of the time. But in December, it’s almost as if we are all bit by the same bug; the Cupid of the holiday season, you might say. The joy is so contagious, in fact, that it might almost be considered an epidemic. Let’s hope no one with authority finds the time to wrap their minds around that thought or we might hafta’ find new an’ creative ways to express all that happiness.
     So, by now, you’re pro’lly wonderin’ how I’ve managed to make it this far without a word about the big day. It wasn’t easy, lemme’ tell you. Christmas is absolutely my favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE day of the year. Nope! Nope! Not for the presents, but for what it represents. You see, it is at this time of year that funny things start happening. I like to think of it like a maple tree whose sap is spilling out at Sugaring Time.

     Look around an’ see if you don’t agree. You just might catch your neighbor smiling even more than usual. Or, when you aren’t lookin’, someone might leave a prize on your doorstep; maybe hurry to help you during a difficult time. Could be, you’ll find  yourself inviting someone over for a cuppa’ hot cocoa an’ a chat. See what I mean? For the whole month of December an’ maybe even a little longer, you’re gonna’ start seein’ the love come pourin’ outta’ every person — like a Maple Tree.
     Now, here’s what you wanna’ do: act real nonchalant whenever someone is near. Then, when they think you’re not lookin’,  jus’ casually start noticing what’s goin’ on around you. Uh, huh! See there? Without them even knowing it, you’re gonna’ catch someone right in the act of bein’ nice. Keep on your toes ’cause it’s gonna’ happen a lot more than you expect. I’d be embarrassed to have anyone mention it, but I sure hope I get caught in an unexpected act of kindness. An’ you can be sure I’ll be watchin’ YOU. Oh, an’ guess what I jus’ noticed? Whilst I was writing, December jumped in.
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya


5 thoughts on “Inventory In December

  1. [Pongo holds YaYa's kitchen door open with one foot and with the other, scoots a reluctant Ursala throught the portal.]"Hey! YaYa! You here?" (Pongo is an excellent hollerer.)She directs Ursala to look under coffe maker for their friend while she rummages through the fridge."Look, Ursala! Pickle juice!" She helps herself to a big swig right from the jar(which was incredibly poor manners) and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand (more evidence of a rough upbringing)."YAYA! I can't holler any louder. Where are you? 'Cuz we miss you at WR. You gotta get back there. Kate's rabbits are eating all the carrot cake."The word "rabbits" has caused Ursala, the Reluctant Dragon, to squeeze herself into a kitchen cabinet. Some people are afraid of spiders. Ursala is afraid of fur.

  2. hi miss yaya! wow for sure youre all excited for december. i bet you get lots of snow. mostly we dont get any but if we got some for sure id be out playing in it. i could like to make those snow angels and for sure i could like to get in a snowball fight and build a big snowman. i hope you have the most happy december ever….big hugs from lenny

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