White Thanksgiving

     I used to live in South Carolina; Charleston, to be exact. Beautiful city. Summa’ the homes have the taste of Old-World Southern Mansion to ’em. I really liked it there, but I’ve liked pretty much everywhere I’ve ever lived. We lived there ’bout a year; maybe a little longer. Until I moved to South Dakota, Charleston was the closest thing to feelin’ like home, to me. Dunno’ why.

     I recall the year I was in seventh grade. From the get-go, there were surprises. I had lived previously in Maine, where snow was just  a way of life; kinda’ like the Dakotas. In Maine, the snow could be ten feet deep an’ life went on like always. Stores opened, kids went to school, business din’t really change all that much.
     Things are different in South Carolina. In fact, I woke up one mornin’, shortly before Thanksgiving an’ was thrilled to see snow on the ground. I was a kid; that’s what kids do. Everything was covered in that thin layer of white that, in some places, might almost seem like frost. The locals seemed to think it had snowed durin’ the night. A full quarter-inch of snow had been recorded at the weather bureau.
     7:00 in the mornin’ an’ there was a knock on the door. Our next door neighbor was wrapped tightly in her robe, hair still showin’ pillow-friendly signs an’ teeth chattering. Even before we could invite her in, Mrs. LeBeau was talkin’ a mile a minute. The panic in her voice was unmistakable. She din’t know what to do. Should she send her son to school or keep him home? It was snowing, after all.
     I recall the difficulty that my mama had in keeping a straight face. She was a veteran driver in ALL circumstances. It took her awhile to realize that the locals were not used to driving on slippery roads. While she tried to calm our neighbor, she casually turned the radio on to listen to the weather report. Before long, we heard the news that would be the final word in calming Mrs. LeBeau; all schools would be closed until further notice, due to unsafe driving conditions. That was Monday, before Thanksgiving. It snowed again, that night an’ the next. I sure wasn’t complainin’; I was a kid an’ school was out, unexpectedly.
     We din’t hafta’ return to school until the Monday following Thanksgiving. Only time I ever recall havin’ a full week off for Thanksgiving. Truth be told, it was a sorry time for a vacation; we din’t even have enough snow to build a miniature snowman. Sure makes me glad that I live where I do; where snow falls for real.
     Let’s hope we all get a week’s vacation for Thanksgiving, this year, but not for the same reason. Otherwise, we might never dig outta’ the snow.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

5 thoughts on “White Thanksgiving

  1. Hey Yaya! I don't like snow. I lived in New Jersey for a while, and Had My Fill! LOL! We lived in a little town called Ocean Grove and the law there for some reason was we had to park outside the city limits from midnight Friday night til Midnight Sunday night. They claim it was some religious belief, but I've never heard of it and can't say I believe it. Anyway, we had to walk back at least a couple of miles sometimes more in the snow. Nope, don't like it at all. LOL! Of course when I was a kid I LOVED IT, but I lived in West Texas so we didn't get much down there. Have you checked out my post yet? I did a Bible Challenge early. I found a site where you can create quizzes on line and then link them back to the answers so each individual can check them. Of course I will still post them on Mondays also, just in case someone didn't feel like checking them right at that moment. I don't know how it will work. Will you be my "guinea pig" ? LOL! Let me know what you think.Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! God Bless!PJ

  2. Hey girl, I hope ya'll had a grand Thanksgiving filled with the love of family, laughter and pie baby, heaps of pie!!! :o)I love here in southern Missouri where the weather can turn on a dime…and it does! We had sever storms and tornadoes the warm evening before Thanksgiving. Heck the next mornin' I was rompin' 'round here in shorts. By noon we had sleet and by one it was snowin'. It covered the ground and melted by the next day but the next morning it was a whoppin' 19. Gotta love Missouri!!! :o)God bless ya sweetie and have a magnificent week!!!

  3. Hey Yaya!1 Thanks for getting back to me. And Thank you for checking on that for me. I thought I had it several times only to find out I Was WRONG. Imagine that! LOL! OH well, I guess in a way paper and pen is good cause a person can always go back ans study them again. If I found out how to do it, I'lll definitely let you know.God Bless,PJ

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