A Crafter’s Dream

     Have you noticed how the weather seems to be changing?  Gettin’ kinda’ chilly?  Seems Ol’ Man Winter is waitin’ in the sidelines, jus’ so’s we get to experience another one ‘uh those lovely seasonal thingys.  Personally, although Winter is my favorite time of the year, I was okay with havin’ really awesome weather, ya’ know?  I mean, the 50 an’ 60 degree days were actually workin’ in with alla’ the different things I wanted to accomplish.

     We went to see summa’ our kids an’ brought back a whole lotta’ shelves an’ furniture an’ stuff they were gettin’ rid of an’ I am so thrilled.  See, with alla’ those shelves an’ such, I’m gonna’ actually be able to have an absolutely AMAZING crafting area in the garage.  I can hardly wait.  ‘Course, if there’s snow an cold an’ alla’ that other fun stuff, I might not be as willing to go out an’ actually USE my new crafting area.  Somethin’ tells me that I’m gonna’ be very willing to stay indoors an’ hold the fort down.  Besides, if we’re warming the house, it seems silly for me to let alla’ that warmth jus’ sit inside, all alone.  Right?  There’s nuthin’ quite so lonely as an empty office that’s all warmed up an’ left on it’s own.  No, I think I’m gonna’ needa’ stay inside an’ keep the warm air company.  Sounds reasonable, don’tcha’ think?  LOL
     So, do any of you have some great suggestions for how best to arrange my, mostly shelves, craft area?  I have a clean slate, here an’ I’d like to make it awesome.  Aside from the fact that it’s gonna’ be cold out there (I can actually live with that, I think), I’m hoping to have a little corner of the world that is mine.  Oh, yeah; an’ my good hubby-buddy says you shouln’t even bother suggesting I get rid of any of HIS stuff.  Silly b-u-o-y.  Any ideas for makin’ it workable would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, heaps.
     Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

4 thoughts on “A Crafter’s Dream

  1. hi miss yaya! wow its soooo cool that you got a neat place all your own for youre craft stuff. im thinking cause of it being cold you could need to get a really good space heater. its gotta be pretty hard doing crafts when you got really cold almost froze hands. then it couldnt be fun any more. you could need a really good craft table and a comfy chair. i hope you get it all set just the way you like….hugs from lenny

  2. Hi Yaya .. .. won't that just be wonderful to have space to craft .. and in a warm place too – sounds sensible to me to stick at home!I'm not sure .. I could suggest you get a few boxes .. pack hubbies bits and bobs away – put a few tressle table tops on .. and hey presto – you have an amazingly large bench .. I guess he's got lots of goodies & so you'll need lots of boxes .. just make sure he's left the house – & please don't direct him to Eastbourne!!Cheers have a happy week -sorting your shelves and crafting pieces ready for Christmas prepartions .. Hilary

  3. Hi, Lenny. Thanks. I hope I get to actually put my crafting place together, soon. We've been so busy, I haven't been able to, yet. You made some good suggestions for making my craft room more workable. Thanks.Hubby was reading over my shoulder when I read your reply, Hilary. He laughed an' said, "Don't you listen to her!" He's a fun guy.That's a good idea, Sharon. I used to have a peg board in my last office. I'll see if I can find it in the garage. Actually, I think I know where it might be an' I think that helps me know where to locate my craft room, too. Thank you.Thanks to all of you. ~ Yaya

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