Look What I Can Do!

     Hey, Lookie!  Did you see what I did?  I have all kindsa’ new things goin’ on.  Look up there.  No, no; not there.  Over there, on the left.  See it?  Jus’ under my photo; the one of me in the Little Red Wagon.  See it, now?  It looks like this:

Orphans and Other Stars

     Hmmmm; that din’t turn out just right.  Those are the right words, but up above, they’re all on the same line an’ without the dots.  Maybe you can find ’em if you look for alla’ those words on the same line an’ pretend the dots aren’t there, ya’ think?  Are ya’ lookin’?
     Heh-heh; the dots don’t show up on the Preview Page, so they might not show up on the finished page.  That’s okay.  If they don’t show up, you won’t hafta’ pretend they aren’t there, right?
     YES!  You found it!  Now, jus’ click on each of those words or groups of words an’ you can start to find some more Yaya places.  How cool is that?  I am excited that I was finally able to make those extra pages work correctly.  It sure wasn’t easy, but my friend, Nicole, over at My Mad World helped me get it figured out.  My friend, Gramma’ Lowe, also helped me.  You might wanna’ check out their homes on the web.  I am so thankful for nice people who are helpful.
     I’ll be adding some more pages as soon as I can.  I hope you like the new pages I’ve added.  I was able to put pictures an’ all kindsa’ stuff on my new pages.  Check ’em out.
     Thanks for stoppin by an’ ’til the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya

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