Lookie here.  Can you see in here?  See what I’ve been doin’?  Yeah; it’s a mess, alright.  That’s what always happens when I start shufflin’ things around.  I get THE. BIGGEST. MESS. you ever saw.  I simply cannot seem to make one. tiny. little. improvement without first destroyin’ everything in my path.  Tonight, my office was the unwilling victim.  An’ several rooms in the surrounding vicinity.  I can’t seem to help it; that’s what I do.  I’m a mess.

     Are you like that?  No?  I kinda’ din’t think so.  You seem to be far more in control of things.  Whenever I sneak over an’ have a peek at your blog, everything is so nice an’ tidy.  Why anybody can see how easy it is for you to make yer life run smoothly.  I’ll bet you’ve never had a crisis or an unexpected event in your whole life, have you?  No, I din’t think so.  See?  I could tell on accounta’ whenever I look in on you, there you are, jus’ movin’ around an’ takin’ control, like you might have the world by the tail.

     Well, here’s the thing;  I was thinkin’ you could move in with me.  That way, when I start scatterin’ things around an’ lookin’ to make some irreparable kinda’ destruction, you can pull out the Logic Card an’ set me back on track.  That way, I won’t be so quick to lose control an’ you can take a few minutes to point me in a more user-friendly direction than one that’s gonna’ take three days to recover from.  Don’t you think that’s a slick little plan?  Me, too.  So, whenever you’re ready, you come on down an’ we can start settin’ my life to rights, k?  K, then.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


5 thoughts on “1-2-3-DESTROY!

  1. I just had to put back a whole kitchen that was remodeled. Boy, that was NOT fun. I'm not a fan of messes, but love cleaning up one (well, most times anyway) just so I can enjoy the results of my effort.I couldn't tell what mess you have created, but hang in there, Yaya! Things can only get better after a mess :).

  2. Dazee,I would very much like to have you hangin' at my place. Think of the fun we could have, tryin' to figure out which way is up. LOLThank you, Andrea. I need 'em all.Mother Nature is not nice sometimes, Sharon. She has this whoooooole big earth to live in an' she seems to think she wants to live in our houses, from time to time. I've been through a couple of floods an' a couple of fires. Not to mention those nasty little hurricanes an' tornadoes. What it all comes down to is, Mother Nature needs to polish-up on her manners for when she goes to visit someone. hahaI've always thought it would be fun to remodel somethin', Hema. Trouble is, I haven't lived anywhere long enough to remodel it. I'm usually still gettin' used to the place when we decide to move. 'Course, I hafta' give my good hubby-buddy credit. I haven't moved aroun' so much since marryin' him.I really like the way you think, too. You're right; it can't get any worse after a certain level of messy. hahahaha~ Yaya

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