More Than I Expected

     Remember when you were young; what holidays were like in school?  I recall doin’ a lot of coloring for each new holiday that rolled around.  For the New Year, we colored banners with messages to usher out the old an’ welcome in the new.  For Valentine’s Day, we colored an’ cut hearts, hearts an’ more hearts.  Nearly all of the decorations were created by the kids, for the kids.  Those decorations that weren’t provided by the kids were few an’ expensive.  Remember that?  I’m not a teacher, but I’ve known many teachers who spent much more than they could afford on classroom decorations an’ supplies.

     Wouln’t it be nice if there were an inexpensive way to get new decorations each year, instead of havin’ all those expensive decorations wind up in a box with so many other supplies, that the edges are curling or the pages are gettin’ creased?  Hold onto your horses ’cause I have news for you!
     Python Games gave me the chance to try out their Halloween Printables so’s I could tell you all about ’em.  To be really honest, I din’t expect a whole lot, as I had not previously known about Python Printables.  However, when I clicked on the link to download the games, I was completely shocked at the quality an’ attention to detail that was involved.  At every click of the mouse, I was more thrilled by all that was included.    


     ‘Course, you know how much I love puzzles.  There are numerous puzzles, in shapes to compliment the holiday.  Here’s one: 

You can make as many copies as you wanna’ an’ really decorate your classroom, office, party hall or wherever you feel like celebratin’ the fun.

      All opinions are strictly my own.  I was given a complimentary packet of printables to review, but other than that, I was not compensated in any way. is a place where bloggers can apply for any promotions you like for free.  I so appreciate an’ Python Printables for sharing this opportunity with me.  I am sold on both companies.  You will be, too.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on. ~ Yaya

This Product Was a Free Giveaway         


5 thoughts on “More Than I Expected

  1. Very cute stuff! I remember all those fun holiday-themed crafts at school. In fact, it's fair to say my mother saved every darn one of them (much to my embarrassment…)

  2. i was just thinking about what we were going to do with the kids for the holiday arts and crafts thing. i'm trying to simplify life and be ecofriendly about it, and having these activities that are recyclable are just the thing!!!!

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