A Single-File Memory

     Once upon a time, many long years ago, we owned a few acres in the country.  We considered these few acres our paradise an’ enjoyed every minute we spent there.  Well, except for when the sow ate several of the babies.

     One day, we bought a Great Pyrenees puppy an’ she quickly became an important member of our family.  Lightning was a beautiful dog; white, with long, curly hair an’ a long, curled tail.  When one of the cows died, giving birth to a little calf, Lightning decided that the calf needed a mama.  Just as soon as she had made the decision that the calf needed a mama, she also filled the position.  If you’ve never seen the dedication that a Great Pyrenees can show in mothering a young calf, you have missed out on a beautiful experience.

     My son used to take Thank You, the calf, for long walks on the dirt road that ran in front of our land.  Naturally, Lightning wasn’t about to let her baby go out alone, so she followed them on their walk.  We had another dog, Stranger, who didn’t let our son go anywhere without taggin’ along.  So, there you would see them; our son, Thank You, Lightning, Stranger, cats, ducks, chickens, geese, lambs, turkeys, cows, piglets and an occasional stray animal who just joined in to see what was goin’-on, all walking single-file down the long dirt road.

     We moved away from there, eventually.  Whenever I long to revisit the ol’ place, my thoughts return to the image of all those animals, following along behind my young son an’ I’m thankful that we are, once again, trying to find a home in the country.  I know some peopole enjoy livin’ in the city.  In truth, I have also enjoyed livin’ in the city, at times.  Given the choice, though, I’d choose country life over any other kind.  Country Life; a place where a person can sit an’ enjoy a long procession of animals, following one boy who loves ’em all.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


2 thoughts on “A Single-File Memory

  1. Wow, that must've been a picture!I've lived in the city most of my life, and then the suburbs. Farm life is so far removed from me, but I know I'm missing out on things I can't get in a city or suburb.

  2. What a wonderful mental image! I grew up in a small town, then moved to a bigger city and like it here very much. Still, there's that part of me, just a couple generations removed, that longs to live on a farm. My husband's family was from Cleveland via New York and Hungary, and most of the men worked in theatres as projectionists. One time he asked me if there was a profession that most of the men in my family followed and I said, "farmer". It's the truth…

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