Ho! Ho! Ho! Is it Summer?

     When I was a child, I noticed that seasons never seemed to follow any particular pattern. Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I never stayed in one place for very long. Christmas in Florida, for instance, feels nothing like Christmas in Maine. In Maine, there’s snow and lots of trees, smelling like Santa Claus is just climbing into his sleigh. Florida, on the other hand, has Palm Trees and beaches. Nothing wrong with either place, mind you, but to a child such a difference is significant at an important time of the year.

     The same holds true when preparing to spend the day at the beach. Go to any beach in America, south of say, the Mason-Dixon line and you know why you’re there. The day is hot, the sun is comfortable and the water is pleasantly cool for the heat of the day. Head north and you may be in for a surprise. At least, that’s the way it always struck me. The day was generally cool, the sun pleasant and the water {{{{{ c~o~o~o~o~l~l~l~d~d }}}}}.

     There are other telltale signs of seasons being individual, depending on what part of the country you are in, as well. Have you ever witnessed Fall in someplace like Oregon? The leaves change colors and really begin to show-off. Each tree fills with more variety than the next and every leaf tries to out-do all the others. Counter that with the changing of the seasons where Palm Trees grow. Although exceptional in her own way, the announcement of season’s change is not as pronounced.

     I’m glad for everywhere I ever lived. I love the Palm Trees and the Pines. The Oak and the Redwood. And every single variety I have been fortunate enough to witness. There is no spot on this Earth that I don’t think of as beautiful. In fact, I consider every creation from here to outer-space to be a mark of glory.  I’m especially grateful that I have finally moved to a place where I can be reasonably certain that one season follows another.  And the nice thing is, each season seems to be very much like the last one of the same name.  That’s somehow very comforting.  How long did it take you to recognize the difference in the seasons.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya

     This is a re-post, with a few minor adjustments, except I messed up the original when I was tryin’ to re-post.  hmmmmm


5 thoughts on “Ho! Ho! Ho! Is it Summer?

  1. For as much as I gripe and complain about summers in Ohio, I admit I love the well-defined seasons. Was amazed last fall when we spent a week in the Smokies with friends who moved to northern California 20 years ago and they told us they don't have "fall color" out there. The whole time we were in the Smokies, they were obsessed with seeing red and orange maples – things we take for granted here in Ohio.

  2. I know, right? Seeing the changing colors of the different seasons is amazing. When I was travelin' all over the country, it took me years to figure out that those changes came to some places on a regular basis. I was thrilled when I realized it. LOL ~ Yaya

  3. I know what you mean about seasons being different depending on where you live. And most of my time has been spent on the east coast between New York and Maine. The water is so cold in Maine, even in summer, so I can't even consider going in. I got spoiled by the warmth of the Long Island sound. And down south would even be more comfortable.It is my dream to one day experience Fall in a place like Oregon.

  4. We moved to NE Iowa two years ago. It's amazing what a few hundred miles north can do to the seasons. Summer is much milder and shorter. Fall is nice, but short. Winter is impressive, snow filled, very very cold and extremely long and spring lasts for about two weeks. LOL! I miss my Saint Louis weather…It was a good blend between Arkansas and Iowa…Have a good one Yaya!

  5. hi miss yaya! for me i didnt live in all those places. i just lived right here for my whole life. but i like it cause we got all the seasons. i love summer for swimming and playing baseball. but mostly i love spring cause it like everything springs to life and i think maybe thats why it got called spring. šŸ™‚ for me this year i felt like spring and it was a really nice way to feel. i like fall too cause its my birthday and halloween and thanksgiving and thats lots of fun times. winters nice too but i dont like being so cold sometimes….smiles and hugs from lenny

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