Pistol Packin’ Mama

     Some of you have asked to see pictures of me, but as I’m sure you realize I am the shy, quiet type… well, I’ve been reluctant to post pictures.  However, today my good hubby-buddy brought me a picture that I thought you might like to see.  Before I show it, though, I want to share a little history about this picture.  So, here goes:

     Waaaaaaay back in the day… when we were a small family, we lived in a one-room house.  There were four of us an’ both my babies were in diapers.  When we wanted a bath, we had to either hope the water in our barrel on the roof was filled with rain water an’ warmed by the sun or, we had to haul water from afar an’ heat it on the stove.  Neither way was particularly easy.

     We had a garden, but we had to dig trenches next to each row of plants so the rain could be trapped long enough to water our plants.  That’s because the ground was very hard, like concrete.  We raised thousands of worms an’ sold them in little plastic tubs to fishermen.  We did not have a vehicle an’ we lived 84 miles from town, so we had to be very creative in working for our food because we did not have a job.

     In this picture, you will see a silhouette of me against the backdrop of a setting sun.  Sometimes, we went hunting for rabbits because mostly, we could only raise vegetables.  Surprisingly, you cannot plant an animal in the ground and expect it to sprout like plants.  For a long time, we didn’t have any animals.  So, we went hunting.  My good hubby-buddy and I took turns at hunting.  This night, it was my turn.

     I remember that I wore a long dress an’ a jacket ’cause the evening air was a little chilly.  We were living in High Desert an’ it cooled down at night.  If you look closely, you might be able to tell that I was wearing my hair in a ponytail on either side of my head an’ in my right hand, I carried a rifle.

     I don’t recall if we ate rabbit that night or not.  Sometimes, we did an’ sometimes we must have had faulty bullets ’cause they didn’t shoot straight.  Oh, well.  On those nights, we usually had oyster stew.  mmmmmm; gooood.  I hope you enjoy the picture.  Now, you know exactly what I look like, right?

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


10 thoughts on “Pistol Packin’ Mama

  1. wow cool picture of you with your gun. you had it pretty hard for living way back then. i didnt ever eat a rabbit or kill one. im thinking now how easy it is to get a shower or a bath. some of my really old cousins had that rain thing for water. we sure got it lots more easy for everything then you did or they did. its good to know about the olden days….smiles from lenny

  2. Hi Lenny,I never really thought of myself living Way back in the olden days, but I guess from the perspective of a ten year old, that sounds right. Thank you for making my life happier.Tisha,I don't recall ever making Rabbit Stew. Mostly, we either baked or fried the rabbit. I shoulda' thought of making Rabbit Stew; sounds good.I hafta' get the go-ahead on what I post, Sharon. That's why I have the little girl in the Little Red Wagon as my avatar. LOL. I've kinda' grown fond of that little girl, though.Hi Amy. I'm a hard one to miss, aren't I? haha. I didn't know my good hubby-buddy had taken that picture, until a few days ago. I'm glad he did, though.You know, Ruby, I'm sure the day will come when I will find another… better, picture to post, but I do like that one. It reminds me of a time when life was good, in spite of the struggles. 'Course, life seems always to be good, for us.Howdy Madison. Yes, we did alla' that, too. I still love living in the country, even with summa' the unique experiences that are always a part of it.Isn't Lenny's World awesome? I really learn a lot from him about writing. Also, his personal writing style is so charming that I'm grateful to Sharon for sending me there.I was thinking that I had responded to each of your comments, earlier. I must not have clicked Save at the end. I'm glad that each one of you stopped by. I enjoy very much chatting with you. Your words are like a shot of happiness, every time you visit. Thank you for being here. ~ Yaya

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