The Night-Stalker

     It was a dark an’ stormy night…

     ::Yaya runs frantically up the stairs, stumbling as she goes::

     ::Searching.  Searching.  Ah!  There it is.  Yaya grabs the baseball bat an’ raises it high above her head; ready to do battle::

     ::Cautiously, she tip-toes closer to the stairs an’ stretches her neck to see if the intruder has begun his assent to her place of safety.  No signs of stair-action, thank goodness::

     ::Yaya listens; good hubby-buddy has his own methods for doing combat.  Yaya tries to detect any sounds of struggle, but hears none::

     ::Just when she thinks its safe to relax her grip on the bat… BAM!  Shuffle.  Shuffle.  Door opens.  Door closes::

     ::Before long, good hubby-buddy returns, a CONQUEROR::

     ::From the bottom of the stairs, good hubby-buddy wields his own weapon an’ shares the news that Yaya has been hoping for::

     ::We don’t have a flying mouse, anymore::

     ::Then, he shows Yaya how he ended the bat’s territorial invasion; he raises his fly-swatter in victory::

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


14 thoughts on “The Night-Stalker

  1. Hey, I remember having a night-stalker myself! There was a time when we lived in the middle of nowhere when the little critters came into the house every winter after the crops were harvested and they had nowhere else to turn. We would chase and trap them till warm weather came again and back out to the fields they went! I swear those little things could stretch out and get through a nail hole it seemed!!!

  2. This was sooo adorable,,well, the way you told it Sweetie… Sooooo great to see your note to my blog … Just found it today,,it was at a perfect time too…THANKSIts neat because I was just noticing your YaYa cutie image on my list of followers tonight and it was a couple hours later that I saw you had left a note at an older post…THANKS again…I had been down as not many sweet friends have been leaving comments of late..Good~Smart advice from you in it BTW..Gods Blessings to you and Hugs from me too~~~Dena

  3. You and your husband make a good pair! My hubs and I called 911 once, thinking we had intruders – we were scared senseless. Turns out a roll of carpet in the adjacent room had shifted …. s l o w l y …. and kept making little noises just once in a while. We fondly refer to that incident as "the attack carpet"!

  4. Great story! We had a sparrow in our house recently. I can't imagine a flying mouse. I love critters, but only the domestic ones inside thank you very much!!! LOL

  5. AAaaaa bbbat iiiin tthhhhe house???YIkes!!!I can't get those lines out of the banner b/c I don't have a solid print of puzzle to use…so if you want to go back to how your banner was before I came along it won't hurt my feelings.

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