Biggest Hailstone Ever Found In the United States!

     Are you ready for the rains to subside a little bit? I sure am.  To say the least, between the heat and the rain, this has been an interesting summer.

     Did you happen to see South Dakota’s newest title?  Seems that in Vivian on July 23rd a farmer, Les Scott, stepped outside to collect hailstones that set records.  Unfortunately, after he gathered and stored several of them in the freezer, the electricity went out.  It’s funny how that sometimes happens in electrical storms.

     ‘Course, there couldn’t have been too much melting on accounta’ Vivian still captured the titled of Biggest Hailstone Ever Found In the United States. In the end, a person’s gotta’ wonder ’bout a few things, though.

     • If the largest hailstone measured 7″ across and weighed just under two pounds, how big was it Before some of it melted?

     • Did ANY of the cows come home after being bombarded with two-pound hail?  Or were they all knocked unconscious out in the field?

     • How many houses were pummeled to death by such large hail?

     • Can you imagine the bruises that a two pound hailstone would cause?  Why, one more storm like that and the worlds’ population problem would be ended.  Unfortunately, so would the world’s Bread Basket.

     • Are there any birds or small animals left in Vivian and the surrounding area?

     • Will the hens EVER lay eggs again?!?

     • CAN the hens ever lay eggs again?  Are there any hens left?

     • What kind of snowball fight are the Cloud People preparing for, anyway?

     • Just when you thought it was safe to go outside…

     So, ya’ know in the past when people used to build storm shelters for protection from things like tornadoes?  Like, whatever happened to those good ol’ days?

     Yes, I believe I am ready for summer’s rains to end.  ‘Specially, if this is an indication of what’s to come!  I’m afraid we’d all hafta’ find caves to live in, just to protect ourselves from the new, thicker elements.  Be safe, everyone… and wear hard-hats.  Better yet, wear suits of armor.  We’ll all become Knights In Shining, albeit very dented, Armor.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

~ Yaya


5 thoughts on “Biggest Hailstone Ever Found In the United States!

  1. Oh yes, I would love your weather right now. Though I'm terribly sorry that it took such a toll. I'm so glad to see you around. I know I don't always comment, but know I love you and think of you always!!

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