C’mere! Lemme’ Show You

     Hmmmm.  Was it something I said?  Maybe, I said it wrong?  Okay, I’m gonna’ try this again, only this time, I’m gonna’ stand on my head while typing.  This is gonna’ be tricky, but bear… with… me; I think I can accomplish it… if… only… I… can… balance… wait a minute… There!  I’m standing on my head and now, I’m gonna’ start typing.  Please ignore any typos.  There may also be strange thoughts that come creeping into the conversation; ignore those, too, k?  I can already feel the blood… rushing… to my brain and I think my brain has shaken loose and is floating up to my feet.  So… dizzy…

     THUNK!!!  Yeesh!  Do not try this at home.  I had to pick myself up off the floor and check for bruises.  Hopefully, my brain (such as it is) has floated back up to my head; I actually think it works much better in its Home in the Head.

     So, where was I?  Oh, yeah; I was wonderin’ if I had messed up in the way I told you about my awesomely wonderful good news.  Since I only got two responses (thank you very much, Kristi and Sharon), I begin to think that I said it wrong.  I’m gonna’ try this again, k?

     I’M AN EDITOR!!!  I am an Editor!  I’m a real, live EDITOR.  Can you believe it?  Yeah; me ,neither.  Come on; I’ll show you the site.  It’s soooooo coool and I can’t believe they’re letting ME be a part of their project, but I sure am glad they are.

     Oops!  I forgot to put Go-Power in the Little Red Wagon.  There; I fixed it.  Okay, make yourself comfortable.  We’re gonna’ fly on over there and look all around the site.  Ready for take-off?  Don’t forget to buckle up.  Oh, yeah.  And I’ve loaded up your favorite snacks and drinks, so relax, enjoy and let’s Flyyyyyyy!

     Looky!  Looky!  We’re almost there.  Aaaaaaannd… did you feel that?  The Little Red Wagon is magical.  Did you notice when we all shrank down so we could fly inside the website?  Yeah.  We’re all really tiny, now.  That’s so’s no one on the website will notice whilst we fly around wherever we wanna’ go.

     Oh, look over there!  That’s the Game Room.  There are some fun games to play in there.  And we’re coming to the Coloring Pages.  Don’t they have some awesome coloring pages?  I just love ’em.

     Be sure to keep your hands and feet inside the wagon; just like when you ride in a train.  I think we’re gonna’ pause here and listen to some of the music in the Music Room.  I really like the juke box; don’t you?  And the music is sooooo sooooothing.

     Next, I’d like to show you where you can download some fun activities.  I’m gonna’ tell you a secret, here.  There are some really fun things to do in the Activity Room.  I know on accounta’ some of the activities are puzzles that I’ve created.

     Also, just in case you haven’t noticed, one of MY recipes is in there.  Yeah!  You’re surprised, aren’t you?  You didn’t know I was a Great Chef, did you?  Well you just go in there and look for the recipe called Bubble Juice and you’re gonna’ be surprised at how totally talented I am.  {I sure hope no one finds out that one of my grandies was the inventor of the Bubble Juice recipe}

     Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot to tell you I even have summa’ my poetry published on this site.  Did I remember to tell you the name of the website?  Its called Scriptures 4 Kids.  And the site is sooooo Cool Beans.

     Oh, oh.  Look at the time.  I’m afraid we’re gonna’ hafta’ get on back to Yaya’s Home.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour and your flight in the Little Red Wagon.  I’ve sure enjoyed showing you around.

     Be careful as you exit and until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


7 thoughts on “C’mere! Lemme’ Show You

  1. I'm so excited for you! I think it would be wonderful to be an editor or an agent…I hope you get the chance to discover some talent in your slushpile…It's a great site…Congratulations, again.

  2. How cool is that, Yaya! Congratulations! It looks like a great site — what better way to teach kids what they need to know than via music, games et al? Very excited for you!!

  3. Hi Hema. Thank you. I agree; if lessons are taught in a fun way, the desire to learn is increased. And the added benefit is that the adults are having fun, too. Fun for all. ~ Yaya

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