There’s A Reason For That Cheesy Grin

     Lookie… lookie up there.  You see that picture of the little red-haired girl in the Little Red Wagon at the top of this page?  That’s me.  You see how she is trying to smile, but her mouth is closed?  That’s on accounta’ her teeth are hurtin’… still.  She’s trying very hard to pretend it is not bothering her, but the Tooth Gremlins are working night and day to create as much havoc as possible.  So, Yaya sits in her Little Red Wagon, grinning and bearing it.  grrrrr

     On the UP-side, I am getting a little better each day… I think.  Its a funny thing about pain and misery, though.  After you reach a certain point, there seems to be nothing left to compare it to.  Soooooo, my good hubby-buddy (bless his heart) gets to be on the receiving end of my moans and groans.  He very pleasantly takes it all in stride… and takes SUCH good care of me.  I am soooo blessed..

     This too shall pass, though.  As I used to tell my little kiddo’s, “In 1,000 years, we’ll be able to look back on this moment and laugh.”  Ah, but time passes oh, so slowly when you’re watching water boil.  *grin*

     And how have you all been?  I’m so sorry I haven’t been ’round to visit much.  I do think about you and appreciate it so when you come to see me.  Your comments and prayers are extremely helpful.  Hopefully, I’ll be back on track before long and we can do some more visiting over the backyard fence or over a cuppa’ hot cocoa.  Thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


7 thoughts on “There’s A Reason For That Cheesy Grin

  1. I've been meaning to visit your blog for some time and I am so glad I did today. I am so sorry to hear about all the pain you're in. I hope this whole ordeal will be over soon for you.I love your writing. Very funny and interesting..Hope you're having a super day,Erin

  2. I wish I could post that I didn't understand your pain, however, regretfully I do! I always say I would rather birth 10 babies than have the pain associated with teeth!Good luck with that my dear blog friend…hope you find some relief soon

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