De-Throning The Wicked Tooth Culprit or, How I Met My Sanity… I Hope!

     If this post sounds kinda’ strange, well… consider the source. Actually, I had a third tooth pulled and, believe it or not, things are lookin’ up. I do not think I am quite myself, but I’m pretty sure I can see me, somewhere in the distance. Please don’t give up on finding me; I’m sure I’m not too far away, now that the Wicked Tooth Culprit has been de-throned.

     I just got up from a long winter’s nap and I think I’m headed back there, again.  Thank you all for unnerstandin’ if I am babblin’.  I really think things will start feeling better, any day now.  The Saga of the Tooth continues, but at least it seems to be winding down a bit.  Given a little luck, within the next week or so, I will begin to make sense once again… or at least, as much sense as I ever did, ya’ think?
     Thank you so much for sticking around and cheering me on.  Your words are SO helpful.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.
 ~ Yaya


10 thoughts on “De-Throning The Wicked Tooth Culprit or, How I Met My Sanity… I Hope!

  1. The only thing I liked about having ONE tooth removed was the pain killers that resuced me after and the coddling my family had to submit to! I feel your pain girly…

  2. PJ, thank you. I have been doing that very thing; almost too much, but I still seem to need lots of rest. Relaxation and sleep are the perfect things for healing.Mommytries, I hear ya'. Those pain killers have a magic all their own, don't they? And my good hubby-buddy has been soooooo good to me. Thanks for caring.Thanks, Alicia. I'm sure I'll be all over the pain and back in the driver's seat before you know it. I just wish it would hurry up. LOLHi Susan. Let's hope that I'm done getting teeth pulled. I think this has just about been as much fun as I can take in this life. *grin*Thank you all for your kind words. They carry healing magic for me. ~ Yaya

  3. What ever happened to the good old days when the tooth fairy had wings and they gave us a quarter under our pillows. Now we have to pay them and for the joy of leaving us pills and pain. It's your birthday, where are you? How much fun can a gal of 3 be having?LYALoving You Alot

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