A Toothy Grin

     I like to pretend I’m a writer.  Whatever others might think, I happily imagine that they feel the same as I do, “I’m glad she’s a writer.”  There are times in life when its kinder to go with the Little White Lie.

     So with that in mind, may I tap into the way a writer might think and give Title to our recent events?  Since it seems that The Tale of the Tooth is gonna’ be central in my thoughts until the pain goes away, I thought it would be fun to call it a Saga.  Whaddya’ think?  Are you up for following the continuing Saga of the Tooth?

     According to an online dictionary, a Saga is a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family.  This is your lucky day on accounta’ this Tale of the Tooth is about to expand to include some very interesting characters.  I truly hope you’ll stick around to enjoy them as much as I did.

     Let me begin with my dear father-in-law; we called him Grampa’.  I wish you could have known him.  What a dear, sweet man!  He lived with my good hubby-buddy and me for the last two to three years of his life and it was one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever enjoyed.

     But we were Saga-nating about teeth, weren’t we?  Let me share with you what a Trooper Grampa’ was.  Until he moved in with us, we were unaware of the difficulties he was having as a result of having very few teeth.  In fact, when we realized the problem, he only had three or four teeth, total.

     I honestly don’t know how he managed to eat any of the foods he did, but he never complained and, somehow, also kept his predicament hidden.  Then we were blessed to have him come and live with us.  What a Treasure!  How we all learned to love that man, even more than we already did!

     Very quickly, we made arrangements for Grampa’s difficulties to be remedied and Grampa’ was like a little kid at Christmas.  I shall always remember the joyful look on his face the first time he looked in the mirror, after getting his new teeth.  I don’t know how the dentist performed that miracle, but I will forever be greatful for medical miracles that can bring about so much happiness.  I really miss Grampa’, sometimes.

     And that’s today’s chapter of the Saga of the Tooth.  Let’s hope that you never have to suffer through another episode.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


12 thoughts on “A Toothy Grin

  1. My Grandpa was fitted with a full set of false teeth long before I was born and HATED them so much that he never wore them. He could eat anything, even a well done steak. 🙂

  2. Great story, Joany…Sorry about the pain in your mouth. I remember the first time I saw my Grandad's teeth in a glass. I must have been about 8. I was horrified! I had no idea what false teeth were. LOL I think you are on to something here. You could write a Chicken Soup for Sore Teeth book. 🙂

  3. LOL. I was so afraid that I hadn't made myself clear. Grampa' (he was actually my good hubby-buddy's dad) didn't get false teeth. The dentist somehow fitted him with bridges that sere permanent… and he only had three or four teeth to work with! I marvel that such a feat could have been so cleverly accomplished.Grampa' just loved 'em. He ate corn on the cob, every chance he got. I think he was making up for all those years when he couldn't. ~ Yaya

  4. What a lovely way to reminisce and forget the pain at the same time, Yaya! Loved Grampa and your story as well. Will stay tuned for the other characters of the saga to be introduced…

  5. You know, it was interesting that I felt so close to my good hubby-buddy's dad (Grampa'). In fact, when the kids weren't around, I found myself calling him Daddy a few times. I look forward to seeing him again in the hereafter. I suspect that he is just as much loved on that side of the veil as he is on this side. ~ Yaya

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