I Wish My House Guests Would Just Go Away…

     Listen!  You hear that?  We have new tenants in our lovely home.  Non-paying tenants, I might add.  I can hear them alla’ time.  {{{{{scratch, scratch, scrape, thump, bump, scratch}}}}}  I think its rude, the way they just moved in without asking so much as, “By your leave… “

     Listen!  Hear ’em?  Do they hafta’ make those noises?  I don’t think I would mind so much sharing the house if they would only stop with those scary, creepy noises.  I half-expect one of ’em to step through the ceiling, any minute.  And did they hafta’ choose MY office to park themselves in?  Its the tiniest room in the house.  I didn’t go out and invite ’em in.  How R-U-D-E!!! 

     I’ve pounded on the wall, trying to get rid of ’em, but they don’t take the hint.  Its sort of disconcerting, knowing that just a couple of inches away, there’s something gnawing on my house.  I don’t mean to be a rude hostess, but I really wish they would all go away.  Its enough to make me look forward to moving OUT of my beautiful, beautiful house.  As the years go by, I will not recall with fondness the rude house guests that lived in our attic.

     How about you?  Have you ever had to deal with critters like this?  How did you handle it?  Thanks for paying a visit.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


8 thoughts on “I Wish My House Guests Would Just Go Away…

  1. If they are the same guests that took up residence in our storage unit, then I have 3 boys that are really really good at chasing them down and making them leave. I feel your pain. Yikes

  2. With 4 inside cats and 3 outside. Rude house guest isn't an issue. Now dust bunnies the size of a NYC Rat, that's another issue. My house is an invitation for such creatures with all the fur flying around. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. We had them, too. I guess they were attracted by the bird feeders and all that leftover seed lying on the ground. Anyway, we tried one of those sonic things, which seem to work…sort of. However, the one thing that did get rid of them, and something I really did not want to do, was I went up in the attic and spread poison. After a few days, no more guests.Again, I was very reluctant to use it, but when I took into account the fact that they could be chewing through the electrical wires (which could start a fire), I found that I had no choice.The other alternative is to call a pro, but they will end up doing the same thing and charging you lots of money to do it.

  4. We had squirrels in our attic at one point. Professional assistance was called in. I don't handle uninvited guests of any kind very well.

  5. I feel your pain! Our house was empty for many years and used as a hunting camp so uninvited guests took up residence here. Our cats have done their best but it is hard for them when the guest can hide in places the cat can't go.

  6. We live in a NYC apartment, in the second largest co-op in the world! (thousands of apartment units). We tried the sonic things, they did nothing! We tried traps got a few but not enough. As a last resort we tried poison, but that didn't seem to phase them! We got a cat, and no more guests!

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