I’m Back In The Zone

     I really need to apologize to all of you.  I didn’t mean to give the impression that I was sad.  I wasn’t able to get on my computer yesterday, so I didn’t get to read the responses until this morning.  All of you have been so kind in your words of encouragement.  I wish I could’ve responded sooner.  No, I wasn’t sad; just sort of, oh, I dunno’… Middle of the Road.  That’s the only way I know to describe it.  Maybe it would best be described as Somewhere in the Middle; not the high of Happiness and not the low of Sad.

     After looking up the meaning of the word Melancholy, I realize that I borrowed the wrong word for the purpose.  So sorry.

     I’m happy to report that, whatever it was that was hovering over me, is now gone and I am feeling a little giddy at some of the current goings-on.  I sent an article to the paper this morning that will be published tomorrow.  That’s always a great Pick-Me-Up.  I also sent pictures and an article that will soon be published and I have several puzzles that will go out tomorrow for publication within the next month.  Life is good.

     Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, we had a sudden run out of town.  haha.  No, I didn’t say We were run out of town.  We just hadda’ go take care of something that developed into an urgency, before we were ready for it to.  So, into the car we hurried and drove… and drove… and drove.  I didn’t think we would EVER stop driving.  Over 300 miles.  EGADS!!!  We just kept going and going and going.

     Finally, when we got back home, my good hubby-buddy stopped at the house long enough for me to get out.  Then he started driving in the complete opposite direction on accounta’ he had a meeting 30 miles in the other direction.  *Whew*  It made for a very interesting day.  ‘Course, when I got into the house, I collapsed ’cause any kind of a road trip just wears me out.  I wonder why that is?  I sleep about half the trip, anyway.  Then, at the end of any trip, I’m tired.  hmmmm.  Go figure.

     All told, I think my good hubby-buddy drove almost 400 miles, yesterday.  I dunno’ how he does it.  I’m sure glad its him who does the driving.  I’m afraid that if I were driving, we might wind up in the Land of La.  And it might be a pretty bumpy ride, at that.  LOL

     I hope I’ve been able to explain about my recent mood.  And again, I’m awfully sorry to have made you all think I was sad.  I should’ve understood the true meaning of the word Melancholy, before using it.  I sometimes forget that some words take strange turns in my brain, before coming to rest in one of my many odd results.  I’ll try not to create such a stir, again.

     I do wanna’ thank you all for your concern, though.  It was nice to learn that so many of you cared about me.  Believe me, the feeling is mutual.  I am so thankful to have found such friendships in Bloglandia.  Like I said, life is really good.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.

 ~ Yaya


10 thoughts on “I’m Back In The Zone

  1. Glad to meet you Yaya and glad to see that you are back in the zone:) I totally get that strange out-of-body exhaustion at times, but I think it's just the way we cope with…well, multi-tasking.Thanks for being my new BFF;) I think if we stick together with good people in this mad world, we just may make it. Laughter helps too…xBRBhttp://browraisedbeauty.blogspot.com

  2. I'm glad things are going well and you've got so much stuff about to be published – hooray!I've never understood why riding in a car makes me tired when I sleep most of the time anyway, but it just wipes me out everytime. Weird.

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