Seven Year Old Goes To Prison!

     Have you entered my drawing?  Maybe I need to put some kind of a link on the side to keep you all updated.  Now, if I can only figure out how to do that, I’ll set up a picture or sumpin’ er’ other over there on the side.  The drawing goes until Tax Day; April 15th, at midnight. For a full break-down, go to this link.

     The prize is a full set of the books written by Donna Aviles. The titles of those books are:

          1) FLY LITTLE BIRD, FLY


     These books tell the true story of Oliver Nordmark, who was an actual rider on one of America’s Orphan Trains.  Donna Nordmark Aviles, Oliver’s granddaughter and the author, takes us from when Oliver, at seven years of age, was sent to prison.  Prison!  At seven years old!  We see Oliver and his brother, Edward, snatched from their home and placed in a very strict orphanage… after Oliver spends time in prison, of course.

     If you haven’t read these books, you truly don’t know what you are missing. For your chance to win, here are the rules:

          1) Be a follower on my blog

          2) Be a follower on Donna’s blog
          3) Get one more person to follow on Donna’s blog

          4) VERY IMPORTANT!  Let me know on the post where I first mentioned the drawing that you have done those three things so I will be able to see all of the entries in one place.

     For seventy-five years, children were shipped by train to points unknown within the United States.  That so much history could have been buried and forgotten is beyond comprehension.  Donna Aviles does a good job of bringing us up-to-date on this hidden time in our history.  She is fairly new in Bloglandia, so let’s give her a great big welcome by sending lots of followers her way, shall we?  And ’til the next time, keep a hug on.
~ Yaya

7 thoughts on “Seven Year Old Goes To Prison!

  1. Hey Joany! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and wanted to wish you and yours a very Blessed Easter!God Bless!PJ

  2. Hey Joanie! I just left your "Word Designer" blog which told me you weren't blogging there anymore, so I clicked on the "Toot!Toot!You're a Winner" and it said I couldn't come in. What's up? How do I get "invited in"? God Bless! PJ

  3. These books sound very interesting. Will check them out. Btw, I wanted to pass on Happiness 101 award to you, but realized that yours is an award-free blog. So, here I am, passing on the thought… :-).

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