A Little This And Little That

     For the last little while, I’ve been way too busy.  There have been deadlines and updates and all kinds of things to do and I haven’t had much chance to blog.  More than that, I haven’t been able to do much in the way of commenting on any of your blogs.  I’m really sorry about that.  I love going to your blogs and reading what you’ve been up to.

     Last night, I started moving furniture around.  It was great fun; always is.  Just knowing that my new look is gonna’ brighten up the room always makes me wanna’ hurry.  Do you feel that way when you rearrange a room?  Do you imagine, ahead of time, how lovely everything will be?  I used to have a friend who would suddenly start shifting everything around and, just as suddenly, she would stop.  She never seemed to plan ahead and there was no rhyme or reason in the way she worked; just suddenly started and suddenly stopped.  When she stopped, though, it was as if everything quickly fell into place; even the dust bunnies knew where they belonged to best enhance the room.

     When you come to visit, I do hope you know that, though I don’t always get to read my comments immediately, I do always read them.  I enjoy your visits so much and, in case you don’t know, I send a virtual hug to each and every one of you.  Thank you so much.

     Lynette at Crazed Mind made some very nice comments and I’d like to say thank you.  Thank you, Lynette.

     I was also blessed with a Virtual Easter Basket from Debby at Just Breathe.  I’m afraid I don’t entirely understand how the Virtual Easter Basket works, but I do wanna’ help The Children’s Miracle Network and Hershey’s is donating $10 for each blog that links to them (I think).  Please help by going to Debby’s blog and reading up on the rules, then linking up.  I’d love it if each of you would take a basket and share.  Thank you for your help.

     I’m gonna’ try to get back into posting more often.  Oh, yeah.  And I almost forgot to tell you about the fun, fun site that has some of the puzzles I created.  Its at scriptures4kids.com.  When you get there, go to the bottom of the page and click on About Us.  Next, look to the left and you’ll see several places where you can go on the site.  Choose Conference Packet.  When you get to that page, you will have several choices, so just have fun.  It would really be great if you could become a fan of the site, too.  Thanks for looking.

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.



12 thoughts on “A Little This And Little That

  1. When I was younger….in my 20's…I moved A LOT! In fact, from the time I left my parents house at 19 until I married at 25 I had moved 14 times. My reason…I just liked to see my "stuff" in new places! When we bought our current house in 1994, my husband said, "you realize we're not going to move any more, right?" My heart sank – initially. Then I discoverd the art of rearranging. Now my husband will sometimes come home and unexpectedly find that an entire room is not only rearranged, but may also be in the midst of a total transformation (wallpaper being torn down, paint strips taped up on the walls, fabric swatches lying about…you get the picture). He just shakes his head; he's used to it by now. And my never changing response is, "Hey, at least we're not moving!"Thanks for the post Joany, brought back fond memories of all the apartments and houses I've had the pleasure to have spent time in (especially my Sears Kit House) 🙂

  2. It's amazing how a little shake~up can change a room. Spring is finally hear and we all need to shake out the cobwebs. I just wanted to pop in and wish ya'll a beautifully blessed Easter.Have a wonderful Wednesday, sweetie!!!!

  3. Hey there. Just popped in 'cause I got your blogfrog e-mail. And spent the last half hour enjoying your (somewhat familiar) sense of humor. Felt a little like home.And became a follower. I'll be back!Wanda (At Last…)www.atlastmilanascominhome.blogspot.com

  4. I am a rearranging addict! My husband jokes that he never knows what he'll come home to! Sometimes I have a plan and sometimes I just start moving stuff! It's just so nice and I love the new feeling without the spending money feeling! 😉

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