Whaddya’ Do With A Log In The Fog?

     I’m sure you’re gonna’ be surprised by this next bit of news, but I’m gonna’ tell you, anyway.  Yes, this will come as quite a shock, I feel certain, but when I looked out the window awhile ago, there was a wall of somethin’ akin to Pea Soup.  Can’t see East.  Can’t see West.  Can’t see up and can’t see down.  (You thought I was gonna’ say North and South, didn’t you?)  In other words, unlike some of those recent days, when we had fog beyond belief, we have been separated from the rest of the world by a thick cap of… Yup!  You guessed it:  FOG.

     Now, I ask you, did I put in an order to feel as if I am the only one left in the world and hit send… then, forget that I had sent it?  Because I sure don’t remember making this request.  I mean, I do admit to having a certain degree of Hermit in my blood.  And, although there are times and situations when I like being around people, I do like some alone time, too.  If you’re a writer, you prob’ly understand that.

     But, you know, there’s kind of a limit to all things… even good things.  And my good hubby-buddy and I have been in a fog for a long, looooooong time.  No, no.  Not that kind of a fog.  Well, him maybe We are beginning to think there are no other people in the world.  We certainly can’t see them.  Shoot!  We can’t even see across the road to the next house.  How can you expect us to see other people?

     So, here’s the deal:  we’ve decided to start with a log and build an ark; try sailing towards civilization.  We’ll take a few animals; not Slacker… he cannot ride in my ark.  We’ll sail for a month or so, until the Pea Soup thins and drops us somewhere.  Then, I’ll send some birds out to see if we have reached civilization.  hmmmmm.  You know, that scenario sounds oddly familiar.  hmmmm

     So, if you want me, I’ll be in the workshop, carving out the ark.  I have an idea that this project could take awhile.  But at least, it’ll take my mind off the fog.  C’mon out to the workshop, if you happen to be in the area.  We can have some cookies and hot cocoa, whilst we visit and wait-out the fog.  ‘Til the next time, keep a hug on.



7 thoughts on “Whaddya’ Do With A Log In The Fog?

  1. Mother Nature doesn't seem to offer up her best bits out there, does she?You guys should throw a 'FOG party' for your neighbors! With your imagination, you could have some fun with it!

  2. I was going to say keep your chin up, Spring is on the way… But you may want to leave your fog light on a little longer. I was ready to bring out all of my warm weather clothing until the weatherman put snow predictions into his forecast for the Midwest for next weekend. UGH!!!!

  3. Feel for you, Yaya! I felt the same way about winter this year — like there was just no end in sight. With the sun shining brightly outside my window right now (sorry, not showing off — really!) the grim and frigid days and nights of winter already seem like a load of distant bad memories. Thank God, we humans are an optimistic breed! Hang in there!!

  4. Hey Gal! I've been wondering where you were! Lost in the fog? LOL! Luckily, we finally had a couple of nice days, but it supposed to get rainy tomorrow and for the rest of the week. I wondered if you'd been by to check out the "Challenge" and my Give-Away. I've been missing ya!God Bless!PJ

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