As Long As He Knows Its His Fault

     Ya’ know how some days its hard to do anything wrong?  No?  Oh.  Well, neither do I.  Then, ya’ know how easy it is to blame someone else?  No?  Oh.  Well, I don’t, either.  However, I might know a little bit about how it’s natural to yell for the nearest possible Blamee helper when things don’t work out quite the way I want them to.

     Okay, here’s how it all unfolded:  there I was, minding my own business.  I reached for a book and, before I knew what had happened, the cup of milk I wanted to dunk my graham crackers in was lounging all over my pants legs and socks.  Well, no, that’s not right, either.  See, the cup had stayed behind, apparently offering up its contents as some kind of sacrifice or sick joke.  At any rate, I was surrounded by milk in every direction.  All over the floor, my clothes, my shoes and… my self-esteem.

     Who did I call?  “My Good Hubby-Buddy!”

     Well, no, I didn’t exactly say it like that.  He does have a nickname, ya’ know?  “MGHB!”

     The point is, the milk hadn’t even reached the floor, before his name had attacked his ears.  For about half a second, I contemplated how this could possibly be his fault.  Fortunately, I tucked that thought safely away for when I would REALLY need it.  I say fortunately because I’m sure, if I had tried to blame my good hubby-buddy, he would not have been nearly as helpful as he was.  Since I was all sweet and loving and didn’t blame him for what was obviously his fault, he helped remove the results of his clumsiness.

     In case you’re wondering how this became his fault, I should explain that we established years ago that when things go right, I am the hero and when they go wrong, it is his fault.  It keeps all that nasty decision-making to a minimum, when a situation calls for our quick thinking.

     So, before you find yourself in a similar situation, be sure to have a discussion with your hubby-buddy to establish some ground-rules.  If you work it right, he might just think that it was his idea.  Then, everybody’s happy, right?

     Until the next time, keep a hug on.



3 thoughts on “As Long As He Knows Its His Fault

  1. LOL – now you need to teach the rest of us how to make those ground rules. I'm sure that's not as easy as you make it sound :). Btw, I'm not much of a connoisseur of bar stools, but am now following your blog(s). I don't know how you manage to keep up with three of them, when I find one is one too many (some days, at least).P.S: You can safely take down the "follow" Mark McVeigh links now :).

  2. haha – well done you! My hubby-buddy knows his place too. Thanks for the link to ICL. I'm doing a New Zealand based course, but did join the writers retreat on ICL. :o)

  3. Hi Hemapen,So glad you're here. I was thrilled when I saw that you would get to visit with Mark. Congratulations! Thanks for joining the party. Niki,Thanks for following. I've learned so much at the Writer's Retreat. I'm glad you joined there, too. I look forward to getting to know you. I hope I haven't given the wrong impression about my good hubby-buddy. The idea of me being the hero when things go well and it being his fault when they don't was actually his clever idea. Just one more reason why I love him.Thank you both for checking out my little home on the web. I'm so happy to be a part of your world. Yaya

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