My Brothers And The High-Heeled Shoes

     I was raised with three brothers, two older and one younger.  My sister was born many years later and we were mostly grown, by the time she came on the scene.  As the only girl amongst boys, I had a tendency to lean more towards being a tomboy than girly things.  As I got older, I guess my brothers, particularly Oldest Brother and Second Brother, felt the need to help me lean back the other way.

     I was eleven years old and in fifth grade.  There was a pre-teen dance coming up and I had been asked to go with a young man from my class.  Although I always thought of this as my first date, I can’t really think it was a date.  In the first place, my dad drove me to his house to pick Ronnie up and at the end of the two hour dance, my dad returned to deliver us both back home, him first, of course.  But I’m getting waaaaaaaay ahead of the story, here.

     On the day of the dance, it being Saturday, my mama took me shopping for my very first pair of high heeled shoes.  How clearly I remember, they were a full one inch tall.  I thought I was gonna’ stop the show.  I was sooooo proud.

     When I got home, I couldn’t wait to put those shoes on and show ’em off.  I must have put on quite a display because Oldest Brother and Second Brother immediately took me in hand.  We lived in an appartment that had a long hall and Oldest Brother and Second Brother kept me there for the next four hours, learning how to walk in heels.  Thank Heavens those shoes only had one-inch heels.  I might have killed myself in them, otherwise.  Who knew that walking in heels was NOTHING like clunking around in sneakers?!?

     At the time, I couldn’t care less if my brothers thought I looked like I was walking through a field, dodging cow patties.  Looking back, though, its one of my favorite memories.  That my brothers cared enough to stay with me for four long hours is amazing.  After all, they were teenagers, with buddies and girlfriends and lives of their own.  I have often wondered, though, if others brothers do the same for their sisters.

     Do you have a favorite memory from your childhood?  I surely hope you write it down for your posterity.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



8 thoughts on “My Brothers And The High-Heeled Shoes

  1. yaya, how sweet of your brothers! I have two sisters, and we have always been close, but secertly each of us longed for a big, protective brother :). On a different note, thank you SO MUCH for caring enough and commenting on McVeigh's blog and also posting it here!! I'm a novice to blogging and everyday the camaraderie I see in this community amazes and humbles me.

  2. Amy,Don'tcha' just love lookin' back and knowing that you've developed a good relationship with your co-conspirators?Hemapen,You're very welcome. I only hope it helps you out. Perhaps you'll consider entering the contest at the top of the page?Kathy,Yes, even though we had our moments, I'm so glad to have brothers who love me.Yaya

  3. Yes, YaYa, I had a brother just like yours! When I was in kindergarten, my hair hung to my waist in long curls. The little boy in back of me used to tie them together and it was misery for my mom to get them untied. One day I came home crying and my brother asked what was wrong.When I told him, he said "Come out to the back and I'll show you how to deal with him."The next day I told the boy not to ever do that again to my hair and when I sat down, he tied my curls in a knot. I turned around and busted him right in the nose! I spent the rest of the day in the principal's office, but it was worth it! TJ ( the boy) never did that again. My brother was 12 years older than me, but he was my idol.

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