Mother Nature’s Best Trick

     Its not quite 7:00 AM and I have been up for several hours.  It appears that the blizzard is calming down, although I am very guarded about whether this is true or just a lull in Mother Nature’s fury.  Maybe today will bring warmth and sunshine, eh?  I certainly hope so.  On Red Wagon Flights, I have posted about my very first giveaway.  I would love it if you’d check it out and enter.

     Mother Nature does seem to be carrying an attitude, this winter, don’tcha’ think?  It might interest you to know that last Friday the United States was blessed with a remarkable phenomenon.  Originally, I thought that snow had fallen in every state in the US, except Hawaii.  As it turns out, I was wrong.  Hawaii also had snow.

     I don’t know how this information makes you feel.  I am doing a happy dance because it happened in MY Lifetime!  Can you believe it?  Snow in all fifty states on the same day!  Very, very coooool, if you ask me.  No pun intended, but of course, it was kind of a neat accident, wasn’t it?

     Be sure to wrap up warmly and stay inside.  I’m not sure that Mother Nature is ready for us to go outside, quite yet.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



3 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Best Trick

  1. Well, considering where I live…"The snow capital of the world I think"…. I feel vindicated!! At least I am not the only area in misery this winter season!! LOL!!Smile,Marilynxxoo

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