Watch Me Get Organized

     I am so far behind on pretty-much everything I’m s’posed to be doing.  This is not intended as an excuse or means of relieving myself of guilt, as I should have a better handle on everything I do.  I am four years old, after all.  However, I lost myself in learning, yesterday, and I shall be forever grateful for the time spent in gaining the knowledge that I have.

     Organization is something that seems to elude me, in many ways.  Oh, my home is not a terror or anything like that.  In fact, we enjoy the peace of clutter-free living throughout every area of our home… except my office.  And though it is, for the most part, clutter free, improvements would greatly enhance my life.

     Now, you would think that, being a writer, I would find great pleasure in having my workspace free of stressful clutter-spots.  And you’re right.  When I am in control, my whole existence is better.  And please don’t misunderstand.  For the most part, even my office is somewhat organized.  But organization is not something that comes naturally for me.  Having Dyslexia and Adult ADD creates a sense of permanent confusion in my mind that is difficult to overcome and I have to concentrate Very Hard to accomplish the orderly surroundings that I crave for my own little area.

     Enter Kathryn Lay.  I was greatly blessed by learning from this fine lady and you may wish to seek out her book, The Organized Writer Is A Selling Writer.  Since I did mention her accomplishments in yesterday’s post, I will only advise, again, that if you want to increase your writing income, I sincerely believe that Kathryn can help.  I have bought the book and I fully expect there to be great improvement in my life.

     How about you?  Are you ready to sell more of what you write?  Are you going to move forward in your efforts?  Then, this is one of the best writing tools I have ever seen.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



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