The Organized Writer

     Good morning.  I’m awfully late posting, this morning, but I’ve been learning so much about writing and organizing and so much more that I do hope you’ll forgive me.  There is a place where I go to learn, as often as I can.  Its called the Writer’s Retreat and, among other useful things about being there, they have an author visit each month or, thereabouts.  The author visits are not always on the same day, but I have learned some very useful information from so many authors that I try never to miss one of the guest author visits.

     If you aspire to being published or being published more often, I strongly recommend that you visit the Writer’s Retreat.  The support and encouragement that you’ll receive there will greatly enhance your determination to further your career.  Also, you can ask any question, anytime, and someone will help you with whatever you need.

     I’ve been writing for many years and had published quite a bit, but until I began visiting the Writer’s Retreat, my confidence wasn’t where it should be, as a writer.  I now have more confidence and more knowledge of the market and what my focus is, as a result of having learned so much on the Writer’s Retreat.

     Again, I encourage you, if you wish to further your writing career, go visit and enjoy all that can be learned at Writer’s Retreat.  For the record, the guest author, today, is Kathryn Lay.  She has published over 1600 articles, essays and stories included in magazines and anthologies.  Her latest book is called, “The Organized Writer Is A Selling Writer.”  This lady truly knows how to get her work published and she’s willing to share her knowledge and her organizational skills with us.  So, hurry!  This is her last day.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



4 thoughts on “The Organized Writer

  1. Ew, wonderful link. I am going to be spending a lot of time over there. Thank you for the lovely comment over at my blog today. And thank you for praying for little Kate and for my beautiful Christopher. I so appreciate and covet all prayers for him. I absolutely love your blog. I will be visiting a lot. Is it okay if I link to your blog for this wonderful Wish I knew Wednesday post? =)

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