When Stubborn Butts Heads With Stubborn

     Little girls can be incredibly stubborn.  I know this from first-hand experience.  My mama used to tell me of an incident when I was about three years old.  Apparently, I had done or not done something that called for me being in a form of Time Out and Mama set me on the couch.  I promptly took myself out of that situation and crawled down.  She set me back on the couch and, again, I got down.

     Evidently, I did not feel that I should have to stay on that couch, as I spent the next hour, trying my dear mama’s patience.  Remarkably, she returned the favor by returning me to the couch, over and over, again.  If you had known my mama, someone who did not like to deprive her children, unless it was absolutely necessary, you would know what a sacrifice it was for her to follow-through on this particular disciplinary action.

     So, for a little more than an hour, the female minds battled for power.  Finally, and she always ended by saying she wasn’t sure how much longer she could have continued, as we had both reached a point where silent sobs accompanied steady tears, Mama lifted me by both arms and SET me on the couch, saying, “Now, stay there and don’t you dare get down!”

     With those words, I must have decided that she was either more stubborn or more powerful because that is exactly what I did; I stayed there.  Mama said that, once I accepted the terms, she only had me sit there for five minutes, but it was the longest five minutes she ever suffered through.

     As was her custom, when the discipline was through, she held me and told me how much she loved me and how important it was for me to learn to listen.  The lesson must have sunk in because she said I never did show a streak of stubbornness quite that extreme, again.  Maybe, the lesson sunk in.  Or maybe, I just decided that I should cut my mama some slack.  Ya’ just never know with summa’ those rotten little girls.  Rotten, rotten.  Through and through.  And I assure you, rotten is my middle name.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



5 thoughts on “When Stubborn Butts Heads With Stubborn

  1. Wow, I'm impressed. I have a super hard time with the back and forth on the timeouts. I've finally found it within myself that I can do it, but she still every single time gets up like 10 times before she finally stays there while sobbing, of course. The older one was so easy when she was this age, but as I've heard, it's now that she's getting super challenging and don't know how time outs would work with her now LOL

  2. Hey Yaya! I know what you mean about stubbornness, only not from my children's (I don't have any) but from my own when I was growing up. The difference is my mom didn't believe in reasoning. She would tell me to do something 3 times and on number 4, I would get spanked. If I asked why she wanted me to do something the only answer I got was "because I'm the boss and I said so." That better be a good enough answer for me. If she sat me down somewhere and I got up, I would have a certain amount of time added to what she had already assigned me. As far as me and the King James Version, it is my favorite. The only reason I type my devotions in the NIV is that is what my little book is called that I type from. "Daily Inspirations from the NIV. When I first started blogging, I had a different template than this. It had a Key Verse at the top in King James, then I would look it up and retype it in the New International Version, and Amplified Version. I thought that this way, more people would read it since the biggest complaint I hear when I talk to people about reading the Bible is that they cannot understand it. I personally don't care for the NIV as far as just reading it, because I don't trust it. There are too many discrepancies in it such as it has left the word begotten totally out of it. To me that is a Very important word. God would not have made a point of telling the world of His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son if He didn't have a reason for calling him that. Another thing is that it left a complete passage from Psalms out, and in the verse where Jesus is telling Peter how many times he should forgive someone, in the KJV is says seventy times seven and in the NIV it says 77 tiimes. Now to me that is a big difference. What Jesus is saying in the KJV adds up to 490 times or as many as needed, and in the NIV 77 times is to me, really possible and then have some left not forgiven. So yes, I use the NIV, but only for studying purposes when I'm wanting to clarify somethinng in everyday language, and even then I'm careful to look it up in the Amplified Version. I love the KJV, but it is hard for some people to get passed the thee's, thou's, and thy's, so I use the others. I have been thinking about going back to my "old ways and using the NIV, but then also retyping the verses in Amplified and KJV. What do you think? Give me your opinion please. Would it make my post too long, and would you like it better?Sorry I'm just getting back to you. I went to the doctor today and got 2 cortisone shots in my foot, and been hurting like crszy, so I've been in bed pretty much since I got home.Love ya bunches!PJ

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