Back On Track

     How I do love Sunday.  After three weeks of missing Church, I was finally able to return, yesterday and it was wonderful.  We have just a handful of people who go to Church where I go.  There simply are not very many members for many, many miles around.  However, those who do attend are such good people that I feel blessed to be able to associate with them.

     Visiting from another area was a couple about my age.  Well, actually, I think they’re a little younger than my good hubby-buddy and myself.  Anyway, he gave a talk and it was quite interesting.  I like it that he was quiet-spoken.  I think that words are so much more effective when they are delivered in a conversational tone than when they are yelled as though they must be forced, physically, into the listener’s ear.

     When I was young, my dad was a preacher and it always amazed me that there was so much screaming and carrying-on from the pulpit.  As I grew and attended other Churches, I was met with the same, what I considered to be disrespectul, attitude.  Later, after much searching and praying, I found the Church where no one yells.  In fact, the messages are shared gently and quietly.  I must say, I am much happier and I do learn considerably more, this way.

     So yesterday, I was able to attend Church and I came away with a greater feeling of having enjoyed the Spirit of love.  It is difficult for me to imagine Heavenly Father speaking at the top of His voice.  Somehow, in my mind, love from The Father is more kind than that.  Do you feel the same?  Or are you more inclined to think that the screaming is necessary in order to reach hearts and souls and drag people, kicking and screaming, into righteous living?  Of course, this is just my view and I have no desire to offend anyone.  I am curious to know how you see things, though.  Until the next time, keep a hug on.



5 thoughts on “Back On Track

  1. Hey honey! Your blog is looking great!I find that screaming hell and damnation makes me scream and kick from righteous living. LOL I much prefer churches that are sending a message of love, grace and mercy. I also need MUSIC. GOOD music to really feel revived. :0)

  2. Hey Girl! LOL! I had to laugh because we also had an evangelist and his family this past week. He was there for 3 days. He was a young preacher and a "yeller". I know back in the "old" days preachers thought they had to yell to get their points across, or was it just zealousness and passion? Anyway, I always sit in the front row in the middle and almost got blown out of my seat. He did have a good message, though. I'm glad you finally got to go back to church. I find that if I miss one sTervice it's like I haven't been forever. I love church. Our regular pastor is soft spoken,but he definitely gets his point across. I'm glad you are enjoying my Bible Challenges, and yes, the word "if" is a deep word to ponder, but in these times it is necessary to think about it because living in these times with all the distractions is not an easy feat. We must keep our "eyes" looking upward and on the prize. Love & Prayers,PJ

  3. I agree with you. I prefer a quiter service. You don't need to scream and shout to be blessed.I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry you didn't win my giveaway. But, I hope to have another one soon.I have enjoyed your visits and comments.Sissie

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. Wow! Ten people in the travel trailer? I'll complain no more!:) When it comes to preaching, I'm so thankful that the Lord leads us each to a church (Bible Believing & Preaching) where we can really grow as He desires for us. Growingg up in a quiet church, I'll never forget the first time I attend a church with my best friend and the preacher was screaming the Gospel. It scared me so bad- I just knew he was going to have a hard attack and die right in front of me! So, yes, I'm with you, I do enjoy a more laid back atmosphere. Blessings!:)

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