Answers to the Word Search

     Were you able to find all the words from the word search, last night?  I do have fun creating them.  Its nice to know that someone enjoys working them, as well.  And how about last week’s puzzle?  Did you take the challenge to do the puzzle without the word list?  I did and was quite surprised at the outcome, really.  I found 105 words, without once looking at the list, nor using any of the words that were on it.  After I go over and post the answers to the other two puzzles on my other blogs, I’ll be back to update this one with a list of  the words I found in this puzzle.  I think you’ll be surprised, too.  I’ll see you soon.
     Keep a hug on.
     Well, how’dya’ do?  Here are the words I found beyond the word list.  You should try it that way.  Its actually a ot of fun and makes you think.  Same challenge for next week?  Okie-dokie, then.  Now, I’m headed back to bed.  This flu is still not fun.
     Seen you next time.  Keep two hugs on.

2 thoughts on “Answers to the Word Search

  1. I decided not to do the states, but to circle any other word, 3 letters or longer…..and I found so many, I literally couldn't count. I should have used different colored pens. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have put in the time, but I had to try!

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