Puckered For Action

     I am puckered and ready for a kiss.  My good hubby-buddy had better look out.  I am gonna’ share with him.  I am SOOOOO gonna’ share this miserable flu with him.  Now, where is he?  He can run, but he cannot hide.  This may be a big house, but its not that big.  Even if he hides in the scary, creepy basement, I could find him if I wanted to.  Go down there.  In the scary, creepy basement.  If I wanted to.  Go down there, I mean.  But I don’t.  Its scary and creepy.  Duh!

     But he can’t stay down there forever.  And I’m ready.  With a kiss.  I’m puckered and ready to share… back.  He gave it to me and I MUST give it back.  grrrr

     I’ll let you know when I find him.  Until then, keep a hug on.



3 thoughts on “Puckered For Action

  1. Yick,I had a blazing sinus infection all last week and my family was oh so sweet, yet still had slight looks on their faces as if to say, "it can't be all that bad", if I could only have threatened to kiss them and pass on the joy of headaches, constant clogged mucuous membranes and midgrade fevers that might have helped—heehee. All joking aside it was misery and i still feel out of whack and so I wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. Yay! Go get him! My hubby and I go through that All the time. Even if He gets sick first, he blames me. He tells me I catch the germs when I go clean houses and go to church. Church is his main "culprit of contagent. I don't know if that's a word or not. Anyway, that's who he blames first because "there are so many people there and we don't know whose fixing to get sick.) LOL! I've heard some lame stories, but that takes the cake! Anyway he catches it and gives it to me, I give it back , He gives it bakc to me. You get the picture. So…..Sic him Yaya!

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