Its a regular heat wave

     Tonight I was gonna’ share some awards I received, but I realized that its gonna’ take a little while to really do the awards the proper justice.  And since I have articles and puzzles that need to be turned in tomorrow so they can be published on Wednesday, I was thinking that you might not mind if I waited another day to tell you about my wonderful awards.  Okie-dokie?  Aaaaaaaaawww.  See?  I just knew you could identify with a writer’s deadlines.  Thaaaaaaaanks.
     The weather was 29° outside, today.  Too warm for almost everyone.  My good husband and I went off to the store and the school library in shirtsleeves.  Long shirtsleeves, but still…  I don’t recall seeing anyone else wearing a jacket while we were out, either.  You know its been a mite too cold when the weather warms up to a whopping 29° and people start running around in their shirtsleeves.
     So how’s the weather where you are?  Are you rakin’ leaves, yet?
     Until another heat wave, keep a hug on.

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