Answer and a New Challenge!

     So my New Year’s Resolution, of sorts, was to post each nigtht before midnight.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually made a resolution around this time of year, before.  Last night, I missed, but the way I see it, that’s only a miss-step (how’d’ya’ spell that, anyway?).  When I was little, there was lots of talk about people who would backslide and then, recover.  Voila!  Here I am… recovering!  Tonight, after missing the deadline last night, I will be back to post before midnight.

     And now, you’d like the answers to Saturday’s Word Search, wouldn’t you?  Oh, before I post the answers, I hafta’ tell you something.  My friend, PJ, has suggested a really fun way to do a word search and I, for one, am gonna’ try it on accounta’ I think it is one coooooool new way to play this game.  To quote PJ, “AND… I totally ROCK at this! TOTALLY! This has my name written all over it!

Hey, did you ever take one of these, not use the word list and just start circling words? You find extra words that way….Just sayin…. “
     So you may want to make two copies of the game so you can play one round without the word list and one round, without.  I wonder who will find the most words?  ahem, the challenge is ON!  How many words did you find, without using the word list?  Next Saturday, I will post how many words I found.  Will you do the same?
     Now, here are the answers for the game with the word list.  And ’til tomorrow, keep a hug on.


6 thoughts on “Answer and a New Challenge!

  1. Joany, you didn't have to credit me with the idea. My sister has tried it too. You could have credited her. Or you could have thanked my parents for having me, or my great grandparents for coming to this country so that subsequent generations could generate. Or you could have thanked God. Or my first grade teacher, or…..

  2. Hey Yaya! Seriously, this is hilarious! I can't count the number of posts where I have come in right below the OTHER PJ. This is so funny. We must have started commenting about the same time on the same blogs! LOL! Well, guess I'd better go, she may be getting way ahead of me.LOL! Can you tell I'm in a good mood today?Love ya bunches!PJ

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so lousy at puzzles! I'm starting a math course tomorrow and I'm even worse in math. I've tried to psych myself up for it by calling it puzzle class. Wanna take it for me?

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