Is there no limit to the joy?

     Last night, I promised to share my good news with you.  Lookie!  Lookie!  Mommy Tantrums has given me a pretty award… with CUPCAKES!  I loove cupcakes.  It is a Happy 101 Award.  And all I gotta’ do is tell you ten things that make me happy and then, share my award with ten others.  Don’t you just loooove Bloggie World?
     Now, let me think.  Is there anything in this entire world that makes me happy?  hmmmm.  This could really tax my brain.  haha.  Actually, lots and lots of things make me happy.  Like, for instance, bubbles.  Don’t you just adooore bubbles?  How could anyone not be happy with bubbles around?
     I also get a particular thrill over air.  I find it so much easier to make it through my day when I have air.  Don’t you?
     When there are children around, I often break into giggles, so I guess that would classify as something that makes me happy.  And when its my grandies, well, we all giggle.
     Water, for sure!  I am so happy that I can have water.  ‘Else, how could I wash my hands?  And I would have to eat my food with icky hands.  Eeeeeeewww!  So, water for clean hands.
     Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  Oh, and Pecan Praline, too.  Did I mention that Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream REALLY brings a smile to my face?  Yeah, pretty-much any kind of ice cream.  Well, not licorice.  And not mint.  But I like all the others, pro’lly.
     Getting published, so if any of you are agents, don’t hesitate to interrupt me here.  I’m more than happy to share my work with you.  🙂
     Getting my own home would really make me happy, so if any of you happen to know where my home is… you know.  I’m just sayin’.
     Knowing that you are here, reading my words.  Ain’t it great having Bloggy Friends?
     Knowing that tomorrow I will prob’ly know more than I know today ’cause I love learning new things.
     And the ultimate happiness in my world is all of my family and friends together, watching some great kids’ movies that have been created from books I wrote, having my grandies snuggling close and all of us eating all the ice cream and cookies we want.
     Now, I am so thrilled to be able to share this award with these wunnerful people:
     I hope you have had as much fun as I have with my award.  Please go and check out all these great sites, including Mommy Tantrums, whom I sooooo appreciate for giving me such a pretty award.  There is fun to be found.  ‘Til tomorrow’s fun, keep a hug on.

11 thoughts on “Is there no limit to the joy?

  1. That is a wonderful achievement, and… colorful sprinkles. omnomnom! Who doesn't love sprinkles? My mom always told me when a girl shares a cupcake with you it's because she's probably a devil woman and I should leave the godless jezabell alone…but you seem nice, so congrats! :DWay to go chica,warriordaddy… oohaha!

  2. Congrats!! Just looking at it makes me want to bake a batch of cupcakes (which are definitely on my top ten happy list). And thanks for sharing who you gave out the award to. What a fun way to find new blogs to read. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your cupcakes… any award that involves cake must be very prestigious. I couldn't go a week without a cake…. for real! ;)Thanks for stopping by Taking Heart… and especially for your prayers for such a sweet young girl out there named Kate who really needs an army of fighters to go to the throne on her behalf… and for all children suffering as well.Your blog is sweet and whimsical… I like.

  4. Hey Yaya! I couldn't resist! My favorite is the giggles! It doesn't take much for me to get the giggles and I end up laughing til my stomach and sides hurt!Love & PrayersPJ (I saw the other PJ there so I just had to put my 2 cents in! LOL!

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