Flying and writing and dancing

     ::Yaya dances merrily, ’round and ’round, finding it difficult to sit still with so much excitement in her life::

     I LOVE being a writer!  Don’t you just LOVE being a writer?  You can be who you want to be {I enjoy being short people, under four feet tall, myself}, do what you want to do {do you have any idea how much candy can be consumed without ever gaining an ounce?} and go where you want to go {I’m working on three different novels, at the moment and each one has allowed me freedom like you would not BELIEVE!}.  Yup!  This whole writing world is just FILLED with Wonder and Awe.

     Wanna’ know what I did today?  C’mon!  I’ll show you…

     Please, everyone, take a seat in the Little Red Wagon and make yourselves comfy.  There’s plenty of room, so be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbor and let’s all get better acquainted.  Now, is everybody ready?  By the way, don’t you just adoooore my Little Red Wagon?  I borrowed it from my other blog, Red Wagon Flights, so no one would be left behind.

     Oh, hello, there.  I see you brought your little furry children.  I’m so glad.  There are seats so they can also look out the windows while we fly.  And don’t forget the snacks.  This is a very magical Little Red Wagon.  It expands to hold as many people as would like to come along and the snacks just magically appear when you want them; hot or cold, it makes no difference.

     Now, since this is already becoming rather a long post, I’m going to schedule the rest of the trip for tomorrow.  You are gonna’ LOVE the flight, believe me.  We will be doing Whirly-Floops and Back-Sassy Bounces, among other things, so I truly hope you’ll stay in the Little Red Wagon for tomorrow’s flight, too.

     Until we are airborne tomorrow, keep a hug on.



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